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Posted by .steve

posting this from the mobile app. really wanted to get something up on the site about a new record that just dropped from the ice choir. unreal. it comes from Kurt Feldman, an ex member of the depreciation guild. there are a few tracks you can check out on the band's bandcamp (here). full onĀ  80s vibe, lots of synth, even the same drum sound set from all of those one off hits from my youth (see: who's Johnny). I've had it spinning on the regular since my preorder arrived. short record too. easy to get lost in.

i also recently made the endeavor of making a deftones Best Of... cd for someone just to sort of introduce them to what i've always gone back to musically. i gave them full copies of saturday night wrist and white pony. along with a mix which unfolds as such:

1. birthmark
2. untitled (secret track at end of adrenaline)
3. mx
4. bqad
5. dai the flu
6. when girls telephone boys
7. lucky you
8. anniversary of an uninteresting event
9. moana
10. wax and wane cover
11. simple man cover
12. no ordinary love cover
13. the chauffeur cover
14. diamond eyes
15. risk
16. this place is death

thoughts? also, i think their new record is dropping October 9th? is that real?

lastly, pissed that i missed jack white tickets. currently, his record is the most surprising of 2012 for me. it's not so much that i'm surprised that he was capable of it, moreso that i've never been into his other projects and this one seemed to finally settle itself in a place that didn't seem so quirky to me.



Just a little somethin’

Posted by Chezz

Thought y'all might be interested.

On a related side note, has anyone heard anything more about this "Holy Ghost" release, featuring Chino?

June Spin Interview:
"I'm also doing a couple side projects. Most recently I have the Holy Ghost, which I'm doing with my buddy Shaun Lopez from the band Far. He lives a couple blocks away from me, so I go over to his studio a few nights a week and work on this electro record. Annie Hardy from Giant Drag has done a couple vocals on this project, too."

The only thing I've found so far:

Holy Ghost - Chino clip 1

Holy Ghost - Chino clip 2

p.s. Currently offering 3 million dollar reward to anyone capable of cracking the vault holding "Eros".