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Spread The Fun Like a Bloodborne Pathogen

My question to you today is a simple one: Are you psyched to see I Am Legend?

If you are then my job is easy, as I only intend to make you more so. If you're not, or you don't know what movie I'm talking about, here's everything you need to know.

I Am Legend is a short-but-classic vampire book written in 1954 by Richard Matheson, a writer who Stephen King has cited as a major influence. In this short novel, a guy named Robert Neville becomes both an alcoholic and the last human survivor of a vampire apocalypse who, along with his dog, has to barricade himself in at night and hunt for food and supplies during the day. It's a great book, still holding up as one of the most unique takes on the vampire lore.

Cut to present day. On December 14th the movie adaptation of that book is releasing, directed by Francis Lawrence (who made the incredible Constantine) and starring Will Smith as Neville. There's even going to be an IMAX version. Here is trailer one and the just released trailer two, which should be new to most of you. And if you're a fan of the high-def, check out the fancy versions of both here.

If so inclined, one could also check out this animatic short film which tells a small part of the backstory leading up the vampocalypse. It's supposedly part four of a series, but I've only been able to dig up the one.

And if you need more, take a look at iamlegend.com for a bunch of cool stuff, including a downloadable daylight meter, a webcomic, and all the details on the videogame, a total conversion of sorts for Second Life.

If you check all that out and you're still not looking forward to the movie? Talk to me personally. I'll work on you.

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