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Okay so this pretty much sounds like the coolest thing in the history of cool things.

We all know that The Walking Dead has become a pop culture staple now, for better or worse.  Emerging as an obscure Image comic in the mid-00's to take over the graphic novel market, Robert Kirkman's excellent character-driven drama set in a zombie apocalypse has found millions of new comic readers.  The AMC television show who's 3rd season is now in pre-production, broke television viewership records and has spear-headed a new fanbase of zombie fanatics (much like Twilight did for vampires, unfortunately).  In comes 2 versions of board games, a video game for PS3 and 360 by Telltale games, a huge amount of merchandise, you name it.

It seems that with this year's San Diego Comic Con, AMC is doing something unprecedented and renting out an entire stadium (section) for a massive zombie apocalypse simulation.

The bad news is that you have to buy tickets, which are rather expensive, to experience this as a 'survivor' - meaning someone who actually goes through the obstacle course, avoiding encounters and such.  (you can also take part as a zombie or a spectator, although details have yet to emerge for this).  The good news is that this seems to be a HUGE 45 minute experience including a ton of obstacles, rope bridges, nets, slides, etc.  You also, obviously, need to avoid the infected by any means necessary.

Now many of you might be reading this saying to yourself  "this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.  If I wanted a ball pit I'd be eating my dinners at Chuck E Cheese.  I'm not 12 years old, this is retarded, I'm too cool for school, etc etc etc."  To any of you I would just have to say, get your panties out of your stuck-up ass and let yourself have some fun for once.  One thing you can give Kirkman is that anything he's involved with has been quality - from the AMC show to even the video game, which is surprisingly good (I was expecting a movie adaptation game like many of the quick turnaround games that come out along with every single big blockbuster film).  Since this is such a huge undertaking, I expect nothing less than awesome.  Although the idea might seem a tad childish and cheesy right off the bat, I'm sure if you were standing there in front of the Walking Dead Experience in San Diego this July you'd be SO stoked to jump in.

check out the website thoroughly and tell me I'm wrong.


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