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artwork for the ice choir's upcoming record afar

a new track went up today from the ice choir's new record shown above. the track is called 'teletrips' and has a similar, but cleaner vibe to kurt feldman's previous project, the depreciation guild. i feel the previous act had more of a deliberate 80s band feel, where this one has seemed to take a turn more towards the pop aspect of the similar decade rejuvenation. head over here to check out the new track. if you dig it, preorder their record over here. it drops july 31st. there's also a 'two rings' single you can pick up from iTunes with two tracks on it (the title track, and oddly, a track that shares the name with the group).

also, not sure why i hadn't mentioned it the other day. probably because i was busy covering my hands and face with the paint huffings of my new back-alley-bad addiction to the new silversun pickups record. BUT. the new daytrader record dropped tuesday as well. and it is a very, very strong showing from the band. i'd loved their EP last days of rome and their live performances had me subscribed. i was checked in, for sure. and now this release on rise records shows that they've got their feet planted and don't plan to depart anytime soon. below is the song 'letter to a former lover' which seems to be the song that has stuck with me the most, though the entire record recalls the vibe when pop-punk was starting to shape up a little bit, and before it took a really weird pac-sun, ball necklace, dyed blond messy hair turn.

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