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Posted by Rahul

I just found out about this, and it's my album of the year. HANDS DOWN. HOLY SHIT.

Emmure - Speaker of the Dead

Win. Over. It's so brutal and ridiculous, that it's perfect. I haven't been this amped about an album in forever. Words cannot describe it. Please kill yourselves if you're not going to listen to this.

Listen on Spotify.

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re: Scratching Lines into the Earth

Posted by .steve

above is the cover for young mountain, this will destroy you's EP. i find the artwork to be unbelievable. that's all! the EP is great as well; massive sound.

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Scratching Lines into the Earth

Posted by Brian


In looking for quality instrumental tracks to write to, something to keep in the headphones without the distraction of words, I was turned onto a band called Explosions in The Sky by Steve. This, as it turned out, was a great introduction to the predominantly-instrumental genre of Post-Rock.

Like all genres this one has its hits and misses, its stars and unsung heroes. Bands like Mogwai and God is an Astronaut and probably the most well-known of all, Sigur Ros, whose indecipherable lyrics almost don't count as technically, you know, lyrics, represent the best of what I think Post-Rock has to offer.

But one band which has stood out for me in this ongoing exploration of dream-sound architecture has been a band from Texas by the name of This Will Destroy You. Their sound has just the right combination of honest guitars and synthetic beats to make me fall in love, and fall in love easily. Earlier this year they released their second full-length, Tunnel Blanket, though for me its heavier feel isn't nearly as interesting as theirĀ Young Mountain EP or their Self-Titled album, both which display songwriting that transcends the need for vocals and becomes truly memorable. Their self-titled is where you'll find one of their best tracks, A Three-Legged Workhorse, which you can check out in the video below.

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SC2 – 50% Off.

Posted by Rahul

I always find myself buying things; many of which go untouched, unopened, unplayed, etc. You get the idea. Anyway, StarCraft II has been out for over a year now and I neglected the crap out of it. Well, it's never too late for a game like StarCraft, so I've resurrected it from the dust bunnies and am all about it (until I forget about it again), but as of right now I've been having a lot of fun with it and trying to even follow some of the eSports pro-gamers who rule the landscape. Anyway the point is if you haven't played it, or don't have it, it's on sale until 11/28 for $29.99. That's half off the normal price.

Do yourself a favor and pick it up. Even the single player campaign is excellent.

Blizzard Store

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the elusive.

Posted by .steve

all about lily chou chou

just saw this movie on monday. it's called all about lily chou chou, and it centers around a young japanese boy and his group of friends as they grow up in modern day japan. going to high school, dealing with bullies and emotions simultaneously. gotta be tough so the dudes don't think you're a pushover, gotta be sweet and emotive so the young ladies don't think you're a brute. gotta be into cool stuff so others think you're the mack, gotta give your real interests time so you don't lose yourself or you forget what happiness is. you know. the actual high school experience. school sucks!...but it's alright, i guess.

good film, very dreamy and floaty. moments of true surrealism, stark moments of is this really happening? lots of great things happening. i very much enjoyed it, though the film got a bit lengthy. i find it difficult to imagine someone not drawing many parallels to their own experiences, whether on a large or small level.

the thing IS, lily chou chou is not a character in the film. well. not directly. she is a media personality. in this case, a singer. some of the cross-scene dialogue occurs in between time periods or settings via black screens and message board talk. and it's taking place on a message board for fans of the artist, lily chou chou. it seems she's revered as some level of bjork personality: very much larger than life, very outside the box. you can get a very similar vibe, the kind of thing where you feel that even if you were to see her in person, you're only seeing the human manifestation of how she feels her music would represent herself. her music is playing throughout the film, and there are some tracks that really caught me up, big time. i wanted those songs.

went online, went on itunes and tried to buy the soundtrack but it was nowhere to be found. amazon? nothing. just imports for way more than i want to spend. went on youtube to see if i can look up specific tracks or records it might have been released as otherwise. ended up finding out that the artist in the film is a representation of salyu, the real japanese artist. looked up her name with various iterations of the soundtrack, the film title, different song titles. nothing. this record is impossible for me to find. i just want a soundtrack, and it's driving me nuts. i've come to find a few tracks on youtube, and have favorited them. one of which is posted down below. the other, arabesque i was able to download after a good twenty minutes or so of finding dodgy 2001-era mp3 download sites. i'll be putting that on the next mix cd as well.

i love both of these tracks in a major way. reminds me of a bjork/sigur ros mashup. even the japanese language has a bit of a surreal vibe to it. incredible. if anyone knows anything about getting me this record, let me know please.

either way, good film, greater soundtrack. enjoy the video below.
eyes closed, breathe easy.

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Posted by Rahul

I've been trying to find some new stuff to check out on Spotify and came across the band, Woe, Is Me - a metalcore group from Atlanta, Georgia. I love technical metalcore with actual melodies like this band. Unfortunately (or fortunately - as we'll need to wait and see), they've had a handful of personnel changes since their album, Number[s] debuted last August.

If their new stuff is anything like Number[s], it's going to be sick. This album has such a great blend of breakdowns, melody, and almost pop-punk type of vox. Great tone and production value, in my opinion. Please check it out. I'm a huge fan of August Burns Red, and I feel like these guys would do great touring with them (if they haven't already). I don't know too much about their history other than what's on Wikipedia (lol), but whatever. Scope it out.

Use Spotify, or Grooveshark, or Youtube. Some specific tracks to scope out:

"[&] Delinquents"
"Keep Your Enemies Close"

Let me know what you think. I can't stop blasting it.

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Posted by .steve

it's one of those things where i actually, actively did NOT want to like. modern warfare 3. didn't wanna like it. between the massive hype that this game got almost a full year prior to release, the endless, droning conversation about the multiplayer that the entire series has inspired, i just did not want to play or respect this game.

just an hour ago, i completed the single player campaign, which ended up being one of the most incredible single player first person shooter experiences i've ever experienced. and about two days ago, i played the cooperative spec ops mode (survival mode to be exact) which was almost as addicting as the standard multiplayer experience (team deathmatch, and so forth) which was incredible.

the one thing to remember about this shooter is that while it's dressed up in accurate sounding (and possibly incredibly true to life) guns and objectives, it remains an arcade game. right down to the multiplayer. it doesn't take an astounding level of skill or patience to excel while playing the online. and once i'm able to get past that, it actually seems like a great game. where there was once endless amounts of lost patience and inexplicable death/kill ratios (to me) i now understand where the draw is, and what is actually happening on a game to game basis.

legit, i can't believe the turnaround. definitely not one of the games up for game of the year, just out of lack of originality. the experience is generally the same as the last modern warfare. i honestly don't even feel a true review for this game is necessary. but to be honest, i just want to apologize to it. i'll definitely be keeping it in my collection for a while.

also. yes. it's better than battlefield 3.
said it.

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i first started playing this game the weekend after it came out. i put in probably four hours and felt good about what was going on, what was happening. the narrative. the treasure was legitimate, the way it is relevant was cool. engaging. but when i put it down, i never got the thrill to come back to it.

i talked to a couple of people about it, telling them how i felt. "it's aaight." the look of shock and dismay kind of surprised me. not that i wasn't surprised that i personally was saying that about the almighty uncharted 3, but once i had my hands in there, i couldn't believe that others weren't sort of on the same page with how... same-y it felt to the last couple. it wasn't bigger, reinvented, more innovative. it was exactly what i'd thought it would be. and it was great. but great like a mission: impossible movie, or a superhero ride. it's fine, enjoyable. big at times. but contained. your senses are prepared for it.

today, i came back and put another couple of hours into it and have realized that it isn't that the game doesn't have its moments of true awe inspiring game crafting. it does, absolutely. and there is absolutely no shortage of thick, meaty plot. they threw in a new statham-esque character who plays a major role in the game overall as well as possibly being one of my favorite side characters to be thrown into any game in a few years, from a personality standpoint. what's here is great. but aside from the cover based shooting and the artifact/idol turning/twisting puzzles, most of the game seems to be played or laid out for you. and i truly feel less challenged than the previous games in the series.

solid, solid game. but light. very light.

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