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yeaaaah budddy.

If you check the Rockstar Games website today you'll notice the above graphic with the words "TRAILER 11.02.11." 
I, for one, am extremely excited about this.  One week til we get as glimpse of the new GTA which we barely even knew was coming.  In my eyes, Rockstar Games can do very little wrong.  They are constant game-changers in their industry.  Whenever they drop something people take notice, and with very good reason.  GTA3 changed the landscape of video gaming forever, created a whole new classification of game and blew the doors off of people's expectations as to how big and how mature a game could be.   Rockstar makes games for adults, not kids, and they make no mistake about it. 
 My question is, with every iteration of GTA there's been a huge leap forward in technology.  GTA3 and the following sequels (Vice City, San Andreas) used the same engine and system.  GTA4 was the 1st iteration to come out for the nex-gen systems, and was the biggest yet in pretty much every way possible.  If this new GTA(5) is another step up entirely instead of just a sequel using the GTA4 engine, one can only wonder what they are planning.  I'm going to assume it's still going to come out for the PS3/360/PC era of platforms... what else can they do with the series to boost it to yet another level? 
This is all merely conjecture since we have nothing solid yet except for the above image, and yet we can assume it won't be in NYC since that's where the last game took place.  Even though this game probably won't be out for at least another 9-12 months, get excited.  Rockstar's grand daddy of games is coming back yet again to blow us all away, and I can't wait to start car-jacking.


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