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For those of you interested, the 4th installment of Lil Wayne's ongoing LP series "Tha Carter" dropped recently. 

While I haven't heard the album in it's entirety yet, I've heard most of it; very big departure from "Tha Carter 3" which was teeming with radio singles like "Lollipop", "Got Money" and "A Milli."  I don't hear much in terms of a huge radio single from this outing.  Sure, there's the ballad-esque "She Will" feat. Cash Money superstar Drake, and the harder "Six Foot Seven Foot" with the Bronx's own Cory Gunz.  Aside from that though, it seems that Wayne focused more on the art of rapping itself and exploring what he can do within his own music.  Keep in mind, this guy's been rhyming since he was 15 and in the group Hot Boys.  He doesn't need to prove himself anymore with chart-toppers.

My favorite things about this record so far has surprisingly been the time he gives to other artists on it - and there are some surprising shows of talent.  If you love hip-hop, you will absolutely go off on some of the bars these guys spit.  First off, Cory Gunz' verse on "Six Foot Seven Foot" is killer.  Kid's an animal... if you don't know Peter Gunz (and Lord Tariq) from their big single "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)" from 1998, it was their only hit but it was fairly big, reaching #9 on the Billboards.  It's one of those "you'd know it if you heard it" type of deals - look it up.  Cory is the son of Peter, he's 24 and recently signed to Cash Money.  "It's Good" feat. Jadakiss and Drake is another sick beat with great verses on it - say what you will about the ex-television star Drake, but the dude's got talent.  Jadakiss has one of the best raspy voices ever, and Wayne throws out a little Jay-Z diss on this song.  Apparently Jay dissed Birdman on the song "H.A.M." off of "Watch the Throne" so Wayne goes to bat for him - shit if anyone's going to go up against The Richest Rapper Alive, I guess it's Wayne

By far my favorite tracks on this record though are the "Interlude" (feat. Tech N9Ne, Andre 3000) and the "Outro" (feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne, and Busta Rhymes).  Same beat on both tracks, which are essentially just showcases for the talent they contain.  HANDS DOWN, the 2 rappers I consistently look for (and blow my mind) whenever they drop verses are none other than Andre 3000 from Outkast and Busta Rhymes.  I'll admit I wasn't as familiar with Tech N9Ne but he kills it on the Interlude, and as usual Andre just flips the script and lays down yet another game-changer... 3000 rarely does guest spots on records but he's been coming out of the woodwork lately which is nothing but awesome for us fans.  I love how different and original his rhymes are.  As far as the Outro, Bun B is another one I wasn't familiar with.  However Nas fucking DESTROYS on his verse - absolutely outstanding.  You guys remember Shyne?  The Bad Boy rapper that sounded like Biggie from what was it, 1999?  He shot up the club Diddy and Jennifer Lopez were at, it became this whole tabloid ordeal, he ended up doing 9 years of a 10 year sentence and became an underground legend.  Apparently he signed to Cash Money last month.  Although he no longer really sounds like Biggie (more like someone out of breath) and his verse isn't really anything to write home about, his sound is straight gutter which people looovvee.  Expect a lot more from Shyne in the future.  And last but definitely not least, Busta.  If you ever are wondering what pure rapping skill sounds like - not so much what he's saying but HOW he's saying it - listen to his verse.  Try to count how many times he switches his flow up here.  Ever since A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" this guy has been blowing my damn mind.  I know I use that figure of speech a lot, but it's perfect when referencing rappers of this skill and caliber. 

Granted, I'm not as versed in the rap scene as I am in some of the other genres out there; and wrankmusic as a whole isn't known for hip-hop.  I just wanted to give you my take on it.  I might come from suburban Long Island, but fuck it - so did Busta, Method Man, Aesop Rock, Chuck D and Flava Flav, LL Cool J, Craig Mack (one thousand degrees!), Erick Sermon and Keith Murray, Rakim, Prodigy... even MF Doom.  So we can still talk game now and then.

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ralphie. vinnie.

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this image is from the new serious sam game. i know nothing about the new one, though the old one was a random over the top shooter and one hell of a good time. it's coming out sometime in october for the PC, with no console release dates listed.

the movielife's last show is tonight. everyone's gonna be there.
still haven't heard much by way of official openers. i've heard a ton of conjecture, from glassjaw, brand new type names, to lifetime. i was thinking maybe silent majority? inside? the most likely guesses to me seem to be this is hell and crime in stereo, though it's extremely hard to tell. regardless, shit, i get to see the movielife again for the first time since maxwell's in hoboken in 2003, when the bill was the honorary title, fairweather, and those dudes. what!


then i, uh, go to chicago.
to see braid reunite.

then a video game conference in vegas.

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the mediocres!

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the band, oh, sleeper released another new track off of their record which is dropping on september 27th. it's called "hush yael". it's not that great. starts off wack, then gets really good, back to a sound that harkened back to their original sound, from their debut EP. then descends into the place they're digging for themselves, a mediocre trench where they sing melodies no one wants to hear. it's like watching a power forward shoot three pointers, y'all. just not supposed to happen. click here for a chance to hear the track. you have to click LIKE! to get a taste. bummer.

and i played all of the play modes for the new nhl 12 tonight. if you have played nhl 11, there is no need to try to get yourself involved in the new demo. just understand that you will be getting more of the same perfection from last year with a new soundtrack and some upgraded tweaks, like helmets falling off, goalie collision, and smarter play in front of the net. hey. i'm down. that new madden demo is unreal though.

anyone heard the new game record? oh. and apparently, dave said the new lil wayne is coming out on sunday. word!

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this show.

myself and a crew went down to washington, dc to watch the "one off" fairweather reunion show back in may. turns out, 5 months later, they're doing three more shows across a weekend in september. i'll be attending all three, starting with this one on september 16 (followed by a show with transit in RI, and closing up with a show in philly).

the reunion show that i was treated to in may made it seem like these guys hadn't just been broken up for 8 years, and that they'd been practicing for at least once a week since they'd stopped playing shows together. unreal.

come and hang! these guys laid down so many lessons for so many bands that you're listening to today.
be in it.

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gettin’ that gwop.

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this past june, a game called payday: the heist was announced. they've just today announced that the game will be dropping on the playstation network on october 4th and will be $19.99. i'm amped for it big time. it was initially pitched to me via this article that it will be like a left 4 dead experience, except with, ya know, crime. there are some additional videos you can find online (like on this site here) that make it look solid, but also like a $20 game, to a degree. it doesn't have that polish that some of those games have that make it to retail. though the game play itself does seem like it will be a major adrenaline rush. could be fantastic, depending on the community that gets attached to it, seeing as it is meant for online co-op. check it out, see whatchoo feel.

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11.1.11; this. [edit: also, 3.6.12; that]

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so. november should have a few okay games.
this one looks aaight.


for real!

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new tunes (+ ice)!

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new robbers track here.

new into it/over it track here.


madden 2012 demo is up.

nhl 2012 demo goes up august 23.

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beginnings, endings.

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made famous by the movie "300."
Once upon a time, there was a collective known as At The Drive-In that changed the scene as we knew it.  As with most bands that are so creative and ground-breaking that they are held as saviors and legends not too long into their career, they imploded and we were left with 2 separate halves of the whole.
One of them you've definitely heard of; The Mars Volta, along with Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, have won Grammy awards and are definitely carrying ATDI's torch as saviors of rock.  But what of the other group that splintered off from At The Drive-In, the Jim Ward-fronted group known as SPARTA?

After 3 full-length albums, a million tours and not as much press as they deserved, Sparta went the way of the buffalo and were never heard from again, unfortunately.  But hey guess what, I'm lying.

SPARTA is back and their first show since November '08 will be played on 11/17 in their hometown of El Paso, TX.  Want more good news?  They are headed into the studio in the fall for their 4th LP to follow up 2006's "Threes."    I'm excited.  I wasn't a huge fan of "Porcelain" But "Wiretap Scars" remains one of my favorite albums of all time to this day. 


pride of canada.

Now for the bad news. 

After an amazing decade and gaining millions of fans around the globe, the five-piece from Canada known as Alexisonfire have officially broken up.  Not a hiatus, not a break... they're done, people.  If you're as upset as I am about this, you probably need a hug. 
AOF chose Long Island, NY (more specifically Massapequa @ the Courthouse East) as their first-ever show in the United States, so we have a ton of love for them.  They were on tour supporting Remembering Never and the local band that night was a little known band called novemberkills (who?! lol). 
These guys took the sing/scream post-hardcore dynamic and flipped it on it's side, painted it neon, put wings on it and threw it off a cliff.  We loved them for it.  Wade's gravely backing vocals, Dallas's mind-blowing clean voice and George's gutteral screams were a three-pronged vocal assault that fronted the amazing musicianship behind the AOF machine.  These Canadian boys impressed the entire world, gaining a huge following in more countries than they ever would have thought.  Through 4 full-lengths and their most recent EP "Dog's Blood" as well as a little-known split with fellow Canadians Moneen, I loved everything they put out there.  Absolute quality work with no fillers. 
Dallas Green's side project turned full-time band City & Colour was the main reason for the break-up; Dallas was no longer interested in continuing AOF and instead chose to push on with City & Colour exclusively; and can you blame him?  Both the critical and fan feedback he's gotten from his albums has been overwhelmingly positive.  Wade has since joined UK hardcore band Gallows as their vocalist, replacing tattooist extraordinaire Frank Carter.

As for the rest of them, George has made a statement on the band website www.theonlybandever.com saying to look out for new projects featuring the ex-members of AOF, but that he's stopping just short from announcing his retirement "from the business of playing music."  What a depressing way of saying you're a musician. 

We're gonna miss these guys, for sure. 


One more thing;  check out www.quiksilverpro.com to see the line-up for the music festival next month during the Quiksilver Pro New York 2011 in Long Beach NY from 9/1 to 9/15.  Which apparently has something to do with surfing, or something.  I don't really care about the surfing, but I would like to see Taking Back Sunday, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, Portugal. The Man, Saves The Day, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and a shitload of other acts playing during the "fest."  Very cool indeed.

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bass ya dome.

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new nas single is "nasty". that is a fact. my opinion is also that it is nasty. pick it up on itunes, or steal it or whatever you hooligans do.

i'm in the middle ground between picking up the new kanye/jay-z. didn't like the single, but i mean, how could it be bad? fuck it. just purchased it.

also, yo, new sainthood reps today. new record monoculture. you on it or what?

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we, God.

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from dust.

the ol' internet has been buzzing up a bit of a storm about the XBL game, From Dust and i've begun the download for the trial at least based solely on the small things i've heard about it. also, because they were on the screen at the time, i've also begun downloading bastion and warhammer 40k: kill team.

currently, dust is being toted about like the successor of populous which i remember being a fairly legitimate game. this is a god game, where you are The Breath, in which you're meant to help a primitive tribe to prosper by use of your divine powers to control the elements. lava, water, vegetation and so forth. again, it is currently only an XBL release, but will be coming to PC soon, and then later to the PSN.

the demo itself took me about 35 minutes to play through. it was definitely a fun game, though as my experience has been with many strategy type games, i was left wonder/communicating out loud with my little tribesmen why they wouldn't take a different path than the one they were taking, mostly because the path he was taking was one directly into either a lake in which he cannot swim, or towards an approaching tsunami from which he will more than likely no longer be able to exist after.

the mechanics of this game consist of you, a God, utilizing the area's natural resources (water, land) to create various land bridges in order to protect the villages you are building located at various totems scattered by the ancients throughout the current area. running water will erode your smaller land bridges, so it's generally smart to either pool running waters into different areas, or to be able to wait until the last moments to build little paths for your guys to prevent them from being swept away. there was only one level in which there was a distinct challenge, with is the aforementioned tsunami, which seemed to come once every 6 minutes or so. my tribe had gained the knowledge on how to defend their village in particular from said gigantic wave, though the surrounding area was pretty devastated and overall was altered in a big way, changing the way i was to look at the next objective i had lined up.

seems solid graphically, and will definitely provide a unique and cerebral challenge to those who are into those types of games. though for me, i generally like to have a bit more control on the outcome of the actions i'm taking. i'll say not worth the $15 (1200G), though worth trying the demo to see if it's your thing.

as far as warhammer 40k goes, it takes less than moments to realize what you'll be getting into. smash TV style controls, long streams of bullets forever and tons of different weapons in which to unleash the fury. pretty cool, but seems to me to mostly be about doing the co-op thing. there are four classes, two of which i could use in the demo. solid, though, you know. seems kind of worth the $10, if you split it between two people.

now. i am shocked at this one. but it's the truth. bastion was the one that made me want to take my entire night back. bastion is SICK. gorgeous, loud, lushly painted artwork. great, simple button layout and combat scheme. a leveling up system. the whole thing, without too many of the things that tend to become overspoken for RPGs. as a matter of fact, this game actually has a narrator that dictates most of your moves, and believe it or not, it doesn't get tiresome. i was a little shocked to see that each little thing that i did, little path changes i took and various actions i performed had the narrator say something a little different.

great, solid game. i will be spending the 1200G on this game and playing through it. a quick skim of the game's wiki page tells me that it was developed by SuperGiant games, and that this is their first effort. stoked for them. they have an outstanding product on their hands. demo it at the very least!

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