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a spacial groan.

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city of ships - minor world

this record dropped on july 19th. had a bit of trouble finding it in the record stores i'd been getting to, so when i finally made it back to an access point on earth, where the internet exists, i purchased it on itunes, and haven't been able to stop listening to it since. heavy but thoughtful guitars cloud the backvoid while vocalist eric jernigan drones on top of the industry with a voice channeling the likes of dustin kensrue a la vheissu. the record has moments that play off the atmosphere like a more modern speed satellite years, but keep the process a great deal tamer. the pace never picks up above a slowly nodding march, all the while keeping your eyes glued to the material, a bit conversational, the way colin frangicetto can cause you to hover on the outside of green's lyrics on all of the good circa survive records. forgive me all of the comparisons. but it's the best way i can convince you to give this band a shot. this entire record comes together like a labyrinthine space station, each chamber holding a purpose, while still linking together, air-tight, to form an seamless whole. i am a big fan of this record, and while it isn't one that's going to have one song steal your heart, it will comfortably find a place in your record collection somewhere near the quicksand and cave-in records.

give the track low countries a listen, and see if this is the mode you're willing to adjust to. if so, pick up the record.

still no dates in the states, though i will be sure to let you know where to find them (and, consequently, myself) when they hit the van.

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welcome back.

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I just want to officially welcome everyone back to WM with this:

you're welcome.

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dave and i will be attending this tonight at the crazy donkey. if for no one else, then for the band letlive. whose record fake history has had a chokehold on my eardrums for the last couple months. if you've yet to hear them, they're doing a little glassjaw/refused type of thing, and their live performances have been causing a ruckus internationally. stoked to see what the next few months will hold for the band.

tree of life was abstract, artsy, lengthy but phenomenal.

late to the game, i'm reading a heartbreaking work of staggering genius by eggers, and i am being blown away by it, completely. makes me never want to blog again. as i've said a ton in the past, many times our heroes (or those who inspire us) simultaneously make us want to create beyond our wildest ambition, as well as make all of those same proliferations come to a screeching halt, because you feel you will never reach that same level of quality. still a worthwhile read.

fear 3 was a mediocre shooter with a fun co-op portion to it, but overall was a forgettable entry to the series. if you haven't played fear 2 yet, that was the one that really caught what defined the horror video game genre for me, and had solid FPS elements to it. pass on this new one.

we're back.
of course, as has frequently happened before, i just moved into a new apartment which does not have access to the internet, so i'll have to be doing much of my updating from a mobile source, which makes some of the spontaneity of what i tend to want to write about get smashed to pieces, but at the very least, the option is back.

letlive. tonight at the donkey. if you're coming through, come say hey.

-- .steve