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Posted by Dave

Alright kids, it's about that time again.

We have a tradition here at WM and I want everyone in on it this time around.  End Of The Year lists.  What was everyone's favorite albums of 2010?  Books?  Video games?  Movies?  I want to know all of it.  Any particular artists stand out for you?  Anything so disappointing this year, that you feel like writing a rant in paragraph form about it?  Do tell.  If it made you feel pretty much any type of emotion at all in 2010, write it down and post it on this bitch.

I'm going to go even further here and name names.  Steve and I will contribute, this I know.  Brian, Rahul, Chezz, Ronin, bring it.  Anyone else who finds their way onto WM once in a while and reads this, don't be shy.  We really do want to hear what you have to say.

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