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Real Quick

Posted by Rahul

So, just a quick update:

The new Linkin Park album is horrendous. The only good song is the one I posted a while back called "Wretches & Kings. "

The new Filter album is pretty good. It goes back to more of a Title of Record feel and format. I've been playing it through quite a few times. It's tenfold better than the last outing.

Godsmack. What happened to those guys? I listened to the first album again the other day. "Moon Baby" and "Whatever" brought me back to my senior year in high school. I love the mid-late 90s.

Also, I was thinking back to what vinyls my parents used to play a lot back in the 80s and I always remembered them loving the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. To kick it back to a time when Patrick Swayze was a dancer, you should give it a listen. There's a ton of good songs on that soundtrack.

That's about it. NHL '11 is where it's at. Let's get a Wrankmusic tournament together.

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they have not forgotten you.

Posted by Dave

So there was this band called Mindless Self Indulgence that used to blow my mind.
Close to a decade ago, they looked like they were on the verge of changing the world. I saw a couple of life-changing shows of theirs at CBGB's back before Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy was released, and they reminded me what live music was supposed to be like. Back then, it seemed like I was watching what could only have been parallel to when the Sex Pistols or G.G. Allin got started; raw, powerful, and punk. Except MSI threw in hip-hop, techno and metal influences. It was messy and it was absolutely brilliant.


Since then they've become a bit more serious; their last two albums You'll Rebel To Anything and IF are departures from the ridiculousness and their controlled confusion, heading towards real song structures and subject matter. Not that they're bad; there's a couple of standout tracks on each album. They are just too different from what made them ground-breaking geniuses back in those CBGB days.

Here's a quick clip of a song called "I'm On Crack" off of the upcoming 2nd album from The Left Rights, Jimmy Urine and Steve, Righ?'s side project... and dare I say it's actually pretty cool, and definitely reminds me of the early days of MSI. Oh and just in case you were wondering, the first Left Rights album is complete shit. There's a couple of tracks worth laughing at for a second, but other than that it's basically another Anal Cunt album without the gutteral screaming.

I'm On Crack

No matter what you think about Mindless Self Indulgence, you need to at least give them props for doing it their way. They could have been millionaires about ten times over already with all of the hype they had backing them and labels in bidding wars for them, and they just took a few steps back, said no to all of it. They'll continue to be underground all-stars.

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Posted by Pat

Live at the Crazy Donkey December 2006

Go grab yourself a copy of the Glassjaw's new single All Good Junkies Go to Heaven over here. And if you want to support the band you can grab a high quality version over here.

In other Glassjaw news, it would seem to earlier today they posted pre-orders for another new single Jesus Glue which sold out almost instantly. And there is a rumor that they might be making an appearance tonight at the Sons Modern New Year Party at the Vibe Lounge…

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flowers, fireworks.

Posted by Dave

All The Day Holiday is a band from Cincinnati, Ohio that you absolutely need to check out if you're a fan of Dearly Departed, Codeseven, Dredg, and other atmospheric bands.  Their album The Things We've Grown To Love is slowly seeping into my head like ink on paper.



Let me know what you think.

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say no more.

Posted by .steve

this was released today.
my gamer tag is the correction.
let's go.

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LP – W&K

Posted by Rahul

Ok, I know this is out of left-field, but the new Linkin Park track is killer. It's called "Wretches & Kings" and can be heard over here. The beat is awesome and you will instantly start boppin' your head to it. If the rest of the album can follow suit, I'd say they've got a ridiculous album up and coming. I can't wait to checkout more songs from this album. I have yet to hear their previous album because of their overhaul of their sound into shit.

Plus, it sounds like Mr. Hahn is back into the mix. Thank god.

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let me take you out.

Posted by Dave

Click the link below and type in the password "crime" to watch Crime In Stereo's last video for their song, "I Am Everything I Am Not" off of their album I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone. It's actually a really cool video.

I Am Everything I Am Not.


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it takes two to strangle.

Posted by Dave


In our efforts to bring you new and undiscovered music, please check out Long Island's own Black Suit Youth, who's new album "Meet Me In Death Valley" was released on 8/31/10 through iTunes, Amazon, Myspace and Rhapsody.

Black Suit Youth is a high energy, alternative/ post punk rock band from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2004 under the original name The New York Dynamite, the band recorded their debut EP with burgeoning producer Tomas Costanza (Diffuser, Band Camp, Disney artists). The “Dynamite” spent the next two years touring the East Coast and Mid-West incessantly in support of the ep. Months on the road transformed the band into a cohesive unit and a punishing live act. While on tour and at home they sold over 1,000 copies of their debut cd-r EP.

The year 2007 brought with it a name change and a new album. In summer 2007, the band, now called Black Suit Youth, released Our Future is History. The record featured six explosive new tracks spliced with the former six song EP. The album was released on ITUNES on November 13th. Black Suit Youth booked a late summer tour to support the record. They stormed venues from Boston to Tallahassee, making fans, making friends and selling trunks full of BSY merchandise along the way. In 2008 tjey released and toured on the ep "East of Eden". August 31st 2010 will mark the release of their much anticipated sophomore full length "Meet Me In Death Valley".

Black Suit Youth has gotten strong reviews in local and online publications such as AMP Magazine, Good Times, punkrock.net, Absolutepunk.net Aural Fix, adequacy.net, etc.... . They’ve also been featured in independent films, online television, and podcasts. In addition, BSY played the national launch party for the Boston based Skope Music Magazine. Long Island’s radio 94.7, Radio X (now web based), is a staunch supporter of the band, adding their single, Dropout to their rotation.

Black Suit Youth has played some of the top venues with Major Label and Indie Label acts including a sold out gig at The Grammercy Theater with Story Of The Year, The Journey's Backyard BBQ with Armor For Sleep, and The Blackout Party at The Music Hall of Williamsburgh. They are currently endorsed by Shatterproof Clothing, Sir Speedy, and ID Malien Designs.






"Meet Me In Death Valley"

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jewish new year party.

Posted by Dave


You're all going to want to be here.
Not saying why, but yeah.
Definitely... (::cough extremely special surprise guest cough::)
But regardless, the bands on the bill are all pretty dope.

Check right here for more information on the bands playing, and to hear some songs from them.

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