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Posted by Dave

So, the band I just wrote about in the last post, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, just updated their site with a new song called "Ender" off of their upcoming album Sender//Receiver. The album was recorded by J.Robbins (Clutch, Coliseum, Murder By Death) and is being shopped as we speak.
Check it out. This is exactly what I was talking about.

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knowing me, I’ll see you in a year.

Posted by Dave

Haven't been up on here in a hot minute; figured it was about time to get back into this muh fuhh.  Hopefully my entries will be a breath of fresh air in between Rahul's enfilade posts about nu-metal.

So, wrankmusic made an appearance at a local show the other night (they seem to be more scarce with every month that passes) with two bands you need to know about. Solar Powered Sun Destroyer is a band from the DC area that blew us away with both their chops and their ability to remind us of at least twenty kick ass bands we love. Yes, I said "chops." I'm not going to write a "for fans of..." type of thing on here. If you want to hear some great new music from a local band that will give you hope that there's still some great stuff out there, click the goddamn link. Can't wait til these guys come back around again. They've got a new record in the can and hopefully it will be released as soon as they have all of the logistics figured out.

Another band you're definitely going to want to experience if you haven't already is sidefires from the Brooklyn/LI area. I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed their whole set from start to finish, and I'm very fucking excited about them. I implore you to check out one of their shows next month; their myspace page has one rough recording of a (great) song that will give you some idea of what they're about, but seeing them live is where the heart beats. I believe they are also in the process of recording right now (if the engineer stops watching the World Cup to let them record) so hopefully we'll get to hear some more sidefires real soon. Keep us in the loop, guys.

The Damned Things is a new project with members of Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy and Anthrax. It's actually pretty damn cool. Southern-tinged hooky rock n' roll music, straight up. Keith Buckley could shit into a can for an hour and a half, record it with Steve Evetts, press it and release it and I'd buy it. Scott Ian's been doing his thing for the longest time and he's still respected which is awesome. I was at their first show (ever) at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago and it was probably the weirdest damn collection of people ever pressed into a room together. But they killed it, so I'm a fan. They've got a couple of songs up and a record coming out probably within the next few months, so see if you're into them.

Oh yeah, by the way, FAR actually dropped a new release on Vagrant recently called At Night We Live - these guys have been around for years and although their side projects have been hit or miss, Far as a band has always been pretty solid. The title track is apparently an ode to Chi from the Deftones and his situation (as if we don't mention the fucking Deftones enough on this site). Jonah Matranga and the Deftones have been mates forever; he even co-wrote and sang on Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away). But yeah if someone picks this up, let me know your experience with it.

So guess what? If you type in "David Cross" into Myspace, a dick with a violin from the UK comes up instead of one of the greatest comedians doing his thing today, David Cross; most notably from Mr. Show and Arrested Development. However he's got a stand-up career that eclipses his work in both of those in terms of both awesomeness and hilarity. His new effort Bigger And Blackerer was just released on Sub Pop in both CD and DVD formats. The link above will take you to their website because apparently he doesn't have his own fancy-shmancy website for himself like Patton Fucking Oswalt does.

Remember Dr. Dre? He made two classic albums under his name, produced about six thousand classic albums for other artists, announced a new album called Detox what feels like a decade ago, and it never came out? Yeah well I think this track with Jay-Z might be a leak from it.
Also, Rhymefest has a new album called El Che which is a shitty name for a hip-hop album. However if this single called "Talk My Shit" is any indication of the album, I'll be buying it.

To People That Have Lost Faith In Our Island:

How are you not listening to Envy On The Coast's new album LOWCOUNTRY, or Crime In Stereo's latest effort, I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone? In my opinion both of these albums are proof that Long Island can STILL make some amazing music when it wants to. I'm happy that there are still bands out there that are making the 516 proud. Between these guys, The Sleeping (I have high hopes for their new record), and As Tall As Lions (who are just incredible), wrankmusic is a happy entity.

One last thing. I might be alone here when I say this (I'm kinda used to that) but I'm REALLY REALLY EXCITED FOR PREDATORS which comes out July 9th. Lawrence Fishburne and Adrien Brody in a movie produced by Robert Rodriguez is a lot better than Danny Glover, and even THAT movie was the shit. I wanna see some heads explode and some dudes screaming while firing heavy weaponry.

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Album Review: K-Snottay and the Infected Adnoids – “Less Hip, More Hop!”

Posted by Chezz

When rap begins to grow stale, even the greatest in the industry get tired of it, so much so that a powerhouse such as Jay-Z recently spoke out in an interview, professing his increased taste in indie music as rap has become worn. “When rock was the dominant force in music, rap came and said, 'Y'all got to sit down for a second, this is our time.' And we've had a stranglehold on music since then. So I hope indie rock pushes rap back a bit because it will force people to make great music for the sake of making great music.” And when you consider his words, they ring true, for besides maybe The Gorillaz or another one or two, I don’t remember the last time I was blown away by a real new sound in the realm of rap music.

However, some have already foreseen this drought and began to act on it. One of those groups is K-Snottay and the Infected Adnoids with the new, debut album "Less Hip, More Hop!". A refreshing sound, something different to come out, especially from Long Island, K-Snottay and the Infected Adnoids is actually a man rather than group; the newest endeavor of Long Island based MC/multi-instrumentalist/musician Kenny Truhn, who shows his evidently emphatic rhyme-spitting ability in tracks such as “Rump Roller” & “Dramatic Intro”, as well as his innovative instrumental skills in others like “Blessed Be Thou”, laying out a super catchy piano melody throughout the verses. The pull-no-punches genuine yet satirical & straightforward lyrics lend a bit of a kickback to the Beastie Boys, showing once again how cyclic music truly is, as unique styles come back to surface when their genre proves repetitious. You can download the full 17 song album by clicking this link.

Download K-Snottay and the Infected Adnoids – “Less Hip, More Hop!”

Album Art

p.s. while you're there, check out Jenny Grozdich

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