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The Inevitable Relapse

Posted by Rahul

There's a new Filter song available for streaming over at their MySpace titled "The Inevitable Relapse." I personally think it's pretty good. It's already more Filteresque than the previous album. Hopefully the rest of the album follows suit and stays closer to the formula that put Richard Patrick into the main stream.

The new album drops by the end of the summer.

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you should probably hear this.

Posted by Chezz

I'ma do y'all a fáva. You should be aware this stuff exists:

Tough to pick from this album... really. Choosing a sole song from their new album, Odd Blood, is probably working against them cuz there're so many good ones, but here's their first single:

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

"Blues", "Rock", "Garage Whatever"; The Dead Weather is a super group made up of:

Alison Mosshart (The Kills) on vox
Jack Lawrence (Raconteurs) on bass
Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) on guits
Jack White (White Stripes/Raconteurs) on drums/guitars/vox

If you haven't heard the album from last year, Horehound, check that out, as well as this first single off their new one, Sea of Cowards:

The Dead Weather - Die By The Drop

If y'all don't read Rolling Stone mag, ya might not know about these guys, cuz they're super new. More specifically, a guy & a girl, creating what they've (fittingly) called "noise pop". Some of you might know the fella from a band called Poison the Well.

Sleigh Bells - Kids

And now, for the unaware: Dubstep. Enjoy it or not, this up & coming genre's been surfacing from London over the past decade, mainly in NYC clubs such as "Club Love" in the village. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you've heard it first hand, maybe you've raved to it already. Maybe not. For the "not"s, here:

This guy's actually bringing dubstep closer to the mainstream than anyone right now, to the point of controversy with his new album, O.M.G.! (which includes "Woo Boost"), but here's one of his old tracks off his older album (Fabriclive.37: Caspa & Rusko), keeping it real:

Rusko - Drop

Rusko - Woo Boost

More to come...

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White Washed

Posted by Rahul

August Burns Red have released a new video for the track, "White Washed" off their last album, Constellations. Few bands can do it as good as they do. If you ever get a chance to see them live, do what it takes to get there. You won't be disappointed. That's a Wrankmusic guarantee.

August Burns Red - "White Washed"

August Burns Red | MySpace Music Videos

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Deftones Tix

Posted by Rahul

Quick little update: Tickets for Deftones at Madison Square Garden (with Alice In Chains and Mastadon) on 9/24/10 go on sale tomorrow morning at 10AM. Let me know if you're going.

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Wow, Fatso!

Posted by Rahul

Unleash the Warlord.

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Strong Arm Broken

Posted by Rahul

Just as an FYI to anyone that reads the site, I will be attending the Sevendust show tonight at Mulcahy's in Wantagh. They will be playing with Saving Abel, Day of Fire, and Hail the Villain. If anyone is going to be in attendance, drop by and say whattup. I have been a Sevendust fan since their debut album and have never been able to see them live, so I'm thoroughly excited for tonight.

Their newest album, Cold Day Memory, dropped a couple of weeks ago and the best part about it is that it's still a Sevendust album. Melodies and heavy guitar riffs with vocals coming at you from all angles with choruses and gang vocals on almost every track- it's what sets them apart I suppose. Overall, the album has some very heavy riffs, but it isn't their heaviest album by a long shot. This doesn't mean that anything should be taken away from the album, it's just has a bit more melody than I anticipated. Overall, it's a great album from start to finish and I don't find myself skipping any tracks or getting bored with it, per se. I'm glad the original lineup is back together and they're able to dish out a quality album.

"Strong Arm Broken"

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Fear Campaign

Posted by Rahul

Apparently, Fear Factory's newest album, Mechanize, came out in February. WTF is wrong with me? As i grab my wallet to purchase said album, it should be noted that they will be touring this summer with Prong, Silent Civilian, Thy Will Be Done, and the final leg of the tour with All That Remains.

Here are the dates announced. Anyone want to go to either of the ones highlighted with me? I'm not sure which would work out better, but I really want to see them live as I haven't been able to yet.

Fear Factory tour dates
5/14 -- Rialto Theatre -- Tucson, AZ
5/15 -- The Fox Theater (California Metal Fest) -- Pomona, CA
5/16 -- House of Blues -- San Diego, CA
5/17 -- Knitting Factory -- Reno, NV
5/19 -- Knitting Factory -- Spokane, WA
5/20 -- Knitting Factory -- Boise, ID
5/21 -- Club Sound @ In the Venue -- Salt Lake City, UT
5/22 -- Marquis Theatre -- Denver, CO
5/24 -- Pop's -- Sauget, IL
5/26 -- The Machine Shop -- Flint, MI
5/27 -- The Intersection -- Grand Rapids, MI
5/28 -- Headliner's Music Hall -- Louisville, KY
5/29 -- The Rave -- Milwaukee, WI
5/30 -- Al Rosa Villa -- Columbus, OH
6/01 -- The NorVa -- Norfolk, VA
6/02 -- Jester's Pub -- Fayetteville, NC
6/03 -- Jaxx -- W. Springfield, VA
6/04 -- The Palladium -- Worcester, MA
6/05 -- Webster Theater -- Hartford, CT
6/06 -- Trocadero -- Philadelphia, PA
6/08 -- Higher Ground -- S. Burlington, VA
6/09 -- Port City Music Hall -- Portland, ME
6/10 -- Starland Ballroom -- Sayreville, NJ
6/11 -- Northern Lights -- Clifton Park, NY
6/12 -- The Town Ballroom -- Buffalo, NY
6/14 -- Peabody's -- Cleveland, OH

"Fear Campaign"

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A Few Updates

Posted by Chezz

Just throwin' a few things at ya for my first post:

First off, being The Deftones have been the highlight of the last few days, I'll add that we've got a link for anyone interested in the album's bonus tracks right here, consisting of the following:

1. Do You Believe (The Cardigans cover)
2. Ghosts (Japan cover)
3. Caress (Drive Like Jehu cover)

And for y'all who missed the webcast of Deftones performing the entire new album from Dallas, here ya go. (could've used some vocal reverb)

Otherwise, here's some other released album news:

First and foremost, I have to exclaim that the highly anticipated sequel to The Dead Weather's Horehound is being released on the 10th of this month: Sea of Cowards will be a killer softmore effort that I've already gotten a peek at and it really sounds excellent, as would be expected by a Jack White side project. For those of you who don't know, White plays drums primarily in this outfit, as well as a bit of guitar on some tracks, with the female lead singer, Allison Mosshart, coming from The Kills, while guitars are done by Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stoneage and bass by Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs.

Coheed and Cambria came out with a new album called Year Of The Black Rainbow on the 13th of April. Haven't checked it out yet personally, but I'll let ya know when I do. Anyone hear it yet? Any good?

On the same day, MGMT released a disc as well, called Congratulations. I know there's a lotta mixed reviews on that one, mostly confused fans of their first album wondering who shot them up with LSD. It's definitely different than their first, with little to zero electronic elements to it- but hey, if you're into psychedelic rock, give it a listen. I happen to dig it.

Frightened Rabbit's released their junior album this March for the Scottish folk lovers; they've been getting quite a good response with this one: The Winter of Mixed Drinks.

And for the Danger Mouse fans in the house, you'd be interested to check out this new collaboration with the Shins frontman James Mercer called Broken Bells, who released their self-titled album this March as well.

Oh and I dunno how you feel about Finnish bands, but HIM put out their seventh feature this past February named Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice

That's about it as far as recent albums, but I also wanted to mention that yo, if you haven't heard of Yeasayer yet, seriously.. check 'em out. They've got like an indie meets electronic feel, but yo- just check 'em out. Download 'em first or something, just check 'em out. I can't stop listening to their '09 album Odd Blood. Really excellent production with some killer melodies. Down to earth guys that sound like something Duran Duran would come up with if they originated current decade.

Leave a comment here when ya check 'em out; lemme know what ya think.

Oh and one more thing. If you hit up Wendy's any time soon, I'll save you the five bucks on the Chipotle Boneless Wings.. really not feelin' it. However, I WAS feelin' the Frosty Float??? That's a definitive statement. Check it out. Took me back to the ice cream parlor. Pretty damn good float.


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Crow Killer

Posted by Rahul

I was listening to my iPhone (iPod) while driving today with random music coming on and I completely forgot that Unearth existed. I then proceeded to listen to their last three albums because they're, umm... phenomenal? Right. So, in honor of re-discovering some of the most brutally heavy metal(core) music we have the privilege of being able to listen to, here is "Crow Killer."

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Bloodstream City

Posted by Rahul

Our good friend, Brian, who is also a Wrankmusic contributor, has setup shop over at Bloodstream City. His first published novel, A Chemical Fire, is available as an eBook over at Smashwords. You can download the first 50% for free and then it's just $4.00 after.

I'll be honest and admit that reading fiction and books in general isn't my strong suit, but there's something about Brian's writing and scene description that makes you keep wanting more. The transitions from scene to scene thus far (I haven't finished it yet) are fast-paced and it never gets dull or boring.

Help support Brian's work!

John was a science teacher and a husband. Then he was a painkiller addict. Then the apocalypse happened. A Chemical Fire is a fast-paced novel about the end of the world, as seen through the eyes of one man. As his group survives this new world of Victims- zombie-like survivors with burnt skin, they learn they may have more of a connection than they ever suspected.

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