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Deftones at the Garden

Posted by Rahul

A few dates have been announced for the BlackDiamondSkye Tour. This is going to showcase Mastadon, Alice In Chains, and The Deftones! Since this is aimed at the local Long Island/NY area, they'll be coming to the Garden (Madison Square Garden) on September 24th. Who's going?

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Posted by Rahul

Trent Reznor (of NIN fame - duh) and his wife Mariqueen Maandig, have teamed up to create How To Destroy Angels. A 6-song EP is to be released later this year. This could be quite cool. Scope out the 40-second snippet at the link.

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Posted by Rahul

My Amazon order finally shipped and I received Avatar on Blu-Ray and the new Sevendust album "Cold Day Memory." From the first couple of spins through, it's solid. No surprises really, except some interesting guitar effect choices in a couple of the tracks. I'll have a better opinion once I'm able to turn this up and really listen to it. But initial thoughts? Good, solid, Sevendust album.

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Trendy Old School

Posted by Rahul

A couple of things to check out real quick.

1. Korn talk about their new album. I always remain skeptical regarding them going back to their roots, blah blah blah, we've all heard it a bunch of times before. Well, in a recent article/interview posted on their new label's, Roadrunner Records, site, I have to at least raise an eyebrow and show some interest in it. Apparently they ditched Pro-Tools, the layers upon layers, and actually recorded on two-inch tape and got rid of a lot of post-production. I guess going back to the old-school is the trend this year. Either way, scope out what they had to say over here.

2. If you've ever played the Halo games, you have to admit the musical soundtracks have been, well, epic for lack of a better word. The guys over at Mugasha have put up a streaming remix of the song "Never Forget" that's off the Halo 3 soundtrack. The minds behind Tritonal have done a good job with it. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can download the song for free too. Hit that up over here.

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Posted by Brian

This band is called Stateless. So far I'm loving what I hear- great electronic/trip-hop stuff with top-notch vocals. The video is for a song off their self-titled album which came out in 2007. They're currently working on a follow-up.

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The Radio Sky

Posted by Rahul

Check out this band, The Radio Sky. It features the singer from Norma Jean, but it doesn't sound anything like them or even in that same genre. A "dark" yet "poppy" sound perhaps? They're offering a free download of their album over here. Scope it out.

The Radio Sky - "We Are The Pilots"

It's not something I'm usually into, but I really like this song.

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Diamond Eyes Video

Posted by Rahul

'Nuff said. It's awesome. The new Deftones album is out on May 4th.

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Posted by Rahul

Apparently nu-metal is making a comeback in 2010... New albums from Taproot, Korn, Deftones (not really nu-metal), and Limp Bizkit.

Well, Taproot just released their first single, and honestly it sucks. It's just terrible. There's nothing behind it. It sounds like every other song off their last two-three albums. The same guitar tone. The same vocal pattern. It's atrocious. Still, I'm going to try to see 'em when they come to Webster Hall in NYC on May 15th. Regardless of how shitty this new single is and how mediocre the new album will most likely be, they'll still destroy you live. They are definitely that good, live.

In other news, I'm finally giving Muse a listen. I am checking out their first album, Showbiz and I'll leave it at that for now.

Make sure you buy Diamond Eyes on May 4th. The Deftones can do no wrong.

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