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The Empire’s Cold Memory

Posted by Rahul

Sevendust have announced the title to their upcoming album, entitled "Cold Day Memory." The band is back to their original lineup and this will be the 8th official studio release by the band. Starting on February 18th, the band will start displaying making of videos along with on tour videos at their official web site - www.sevendust.com. I'm stoked.

In other news, I've been listening to the debut album by former Killswitch Engage/Seemless singer, Jesse Leach, "Awaken" by The Empire Shall Fall. It's the first album that Jesse Leach has actual screaming on since the first Killswitch album. There are strokes of genius and conversely, parts of what seem like mistakes in the recording. It almost sounded like at a couple of points in various songs, one of the guitarists missed a note, or perhaps that's what they were going for. Even with those possible issues, the album is solid and delivers. There's guitar ear-candy along with some heavy undertones and some low-tuned chugging as well. It's awesome to drive to, that's for sure. Scope it out at their MySpace.

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Posted by Rahul

So I was watching random videos on YouTube and I came across this trailer for The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. It sounds cheezy, but apparently there are no special effects and it's a movie (?) of phenomenal talent and dancing. Regardless, the trailer speaks far more than I can write in words and I'm quite interested in it. Scope it out.

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Happy New Year!

Posted by Rahul

I know, a little late into January, but regardless, Happy New Year everyone!

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