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finally, unbelievability.

Posted by .steve

seriously, it's been a LONG time since something like this has surfaced.
here are some new AR dreamboats that the scene has been waiting for.

this is what you need.


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Be The Band

Posted by Brian


This could be a big development for small to mid-level bands.

For better or worse, the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games have been some of the biggest things in music these past few years. While the music industry dies, their sales have gone up and up, promoting existing acts to even higher levels of popularity.

The playing field is about to open up. As soon as next month will see the launch of "Rock Band Network", a way for users to turn their own, original music into fully-playable, fully downloadable Rock Band tracks. This means that bands can program their songs to play in the game, in everything from note placement to difficulty to animation, and then upload them for players to download at a price the band sets, likely between 50 cents and 3 bucks. So not only is this an incredible chance for promotion, but a possible source of revenue.

The only catch is the price, but even that has its upside. I haven't been able to pin it down exactly but from what I gather the software will run $500 and a yearly membership will be $99. That may sound a little pricey, but not only can the money be made back (if the quality is there), I believe this will act as a major bullshit-filter, deterring a good number of armchair musicians and screaming children begging their parents for a machine that lets them scream at the world. Between price-point and the community rating system being put into place, the real acts will have a chance to be seen and, most importantly, heard.

Video and info: http://creators.rockband.com/

I think this could be an incredible opportunity, how about you guys? I've reposted this update in the forums for easier commenting.

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