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The Fox, The Crow, & The Cookie

Posted by Pat

I wanted to post the video here, but youtube took it down, and Entertainment Weekly apparently doesn't believe in people embedding their videos. So here is the link to the new video from MewithoutYou for the song "The Fox, The Crow, & The Cookie"

I highly suggest checking it out. I think it's one of the best songs on the album.

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a television show.

Posted by .steve

Bored to Death

above is a link to a new HBO series. the trailer itself doesn't make the show seem all that interesting. i must point out, though, that the cast consists of jason schwartzman, zach galifianakis, kristen wiig, parker posey, and ted danson. most likely more. and anything that has that sort of caliber seems like it'll be something worth hawking over.

oh, and prototype is good. it's not great. it's bloody as hell and a lot of brutal fun. but not great. rent it or get it used. infamous on the other hand? BUY IT.

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so.. where’d you go?

Posted by .steve

just got back from bonnaroo. what a fucking trip. saw the final nine inch nails live set on US soil until a reunion which feels remarkably enormous. i have some making up to do. i saw the mars volta play a set in which they actually played songs without trailing off into whole new sets of jams, creating new songs in and of themselves. thank you for that. saw portugal. the man change their entire dynamic with both a huge, loud progressive minded set, as well as a minimalist acoustic set. will this band ever get old? when will they be done? was ripped apart by the crystal castles live set. dead robot dance party. impressed by new acts (for me) like rodrigo and gabriela (here) and william elliot whitmore (here). loved almost every minute, spare the ones spent lost and disoriented in a torrential downpour on the first night.

the new alexisonfire record is streaming over here. gives you a chance to get a real feel for the 'new sound' of george's voice, which seems to work sometimes with certain tracks (old crows), but to just sound crazy awkward at others (no rest). dallas remains on point, as does the rest of the band. they remain true to the sound that's always worked for them.

there's a new track up by august burns red over here. i don't know what you'd expect from them other than what they do, so please don't expect a new world order. this is august burns red to the core, though.

go. play.

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to be in malta…

Posted by .steve

the last post i did was about video games, too. i know. i work at a video game store AND E3 is going on. what can i say?

there have already been a ton of big announcements. a metal gear solid on 360? what?! but continuing on the 360 tip, i must say that the new splinter cell: conviction [360 exclusive, at this point] video (seen here) makes me very, very excited. new combat system looks phenomenal, the seamless integration via projection video of each cut scene looks like it could be something that future games bite off of. yes, please. i mean, i know we're all going to be tearing up modern warfare 2... but this should be a tight alternative.

didn't new taking back sunday come out today? i have no idea what to expect from it. maybe worth picking up? no idea.

musically, i am in DESPERATE need of something new. not necessarily something just being released, i should revise.. but just a new sound that i haven't heard. i need mix CDs donated to me with tons of new audio information. i started listening to hieroglyphics which is a ridiculous, ridiculous hip-hop group composed of del the funkee homosapien, and souls of mischief (and some others). solid hip-hop.

the new a love like pi (these guys) is completely addictive. in fact, i'm surprised the most addictive track on the record isn't on that myspace page. as cities burn's new record actually took a little while to grow on me, but did. in fact, i bought it twice. once physically, and once digitally to get that track "gates", that they'd initially posted months ago as a sneak peak at the new record.

dredg comes out next week. i'm kind of excited for it, but always tentatively with these guys. i can honestly say i've only really liked catch without arms, though that album is truly unbelievable. saw them live (with from monument to masses -- please check) about a month ago or so, and the new stuff sounded like they were maybe abandoning some of the avant garde stuff they've grown more popular for, which could be a good and bad thing, though i'm excited to see how they mix it up.

i'm also going to add that i think that UP was probably one of the most emotionally charged movies i've ever seen. yeah, the one with the balloons. i can only imagine that this movie was inspired by true love.

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miss you.