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i know.
it's been a while.

there are things i've wanted to say but haven't and things that i've wanted to update about and haven't. most of it is honestly time restraints, but also some of it is not wanting to come back without a sort of seriousness. i wanted to come back when the time was right, and when the announcement would be very very dire.

it's not.

what i want to say is that the new game damnation that just came out for 360 and PS3 today (the 26th) is probably one of the WORST games that i have ever played, and it's amazing. the dialogue hurts to listen to, and the gameplay is even worse. i can't get enough of this. suddenly, i have spirit powers that lets me see through walls.

infamous came out today as well, and i heard that the demo was supposed to be nasty, and well worth checking out. i'm not quite sure yet. i'll still have to get on it.

i can confirm that the new punch out for wii, though, is legit. a well done game, bringing back both nostalgia and that ridiculous skill curve as you get into the later circuits.

i'm going to dive back into the terrible version of the steampunk civil war right now, but for what it's worth, i'll probably be back more often with updates.

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Summer is Go

Posted by Brian


The day is here. It's crazy to think that we first started talking about X-Men Origins: Wolverine almost a year and three months ago but finally the movie is out, so be sure see it and discuss what you liked/disliked/throat-punched.

Even if you're not into the comic movie thing, this means the summer movie season is officially launched. This one is looking excellent for quality films no matter your taste, with a list of releases too long to discuss at length here. Instead here's a list of release dates to take you right into the Fall:

May 1: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
May 8: Star Trek
May 15: Angels & Demons
May 21: Terminator: Salvation
May 22: Night at The Museum 2
May 29: Drag Me to Hell, Up

June 5: The Hangover, Land of The Lost
June 12: Moon
June 19: Year One
June 24: Transformers 2
June 26: The Hurt Locker

July 1: Ice Age 3, Public Enemies
July 10: Bruno
July 15: Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince
July 31: Funny People

August 7: G.I. Joe
August 21: Inglourious Basterds, World's Greatest Dad
August 21: Final Destination: Death Trip 3D

September 4: Extract
September 9: 9
September 18: Splice

October 2: A Serious Man
October 9: The Informant, Zombieland
October 16: Where The Wild Things Are

If you don't see any movies this summer, that's your own damn fault.

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