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A Few of My Favorite Things

Posted by Brian

There are a bunch of videogames being talked up in the forums right now, from the already released and amazing Left 4 Dead, to the upcoming Halo Wars. Of all the games in the works right now, and there's plenty to choose from, I'll focus on two subjects I could talk about until I'm blue in the balls. Those subjects? Zombies and Wolverine.

dead rising 2

That's a screenshot from the just announced Dead Rising 2, which this time takes us to Las Vegas. It's not called Las Vegas in the game, apparently, but it's Las Vegas. It's looking good so far but details are slim, so you'll have to look to the forums for future updates. For now you can see what's known along with more screenshots and a trailer here.


And that's my boy Wolverine going fuck-nasty on a couple guys in the official movie tie-in game, to be released in the future. The great news about that, and it seems to be the opinion of everyone who has gotten a look at it so far, is that not only is the game looking like one of the best movie tie-in games in a long time, because we all know those normally blow cats, but apparently it may be the best Wolverine game made to date. Anyone who has been a fan of Wolverine for a bit knows that Wolverine games are usually a disappointment. You can read some details here and a CG trailer here, but the short story is it's being described as "God of War meets Uncharted", which is not a bad thing to be.

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Back Burner

Posted by Rahul

I've said it before, and I've probably even linked this somewhere in the past, but August Burns Red is definitely one of the best live bands around, and this song is just another reason why they're so good. I can't wait til they release another album.

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