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Good news for Marilyn Manson fans: the man is coming back, and he sounds pissed. After releasing progressively less and less interesting albums, culminating in the emotional but uninspired Eat Me, Drink Me, word has come through that the band’s seventh studio album is complete and ready for release sometime around Valentine’s Day. This sounds way too soon, so let’s just say “Winter/Spring”. Manson has described the album as violent, dark, and feeling similar to where they left off with Antichrist Superstar but without repeating anything they’ve done before. Which, for most of their fans, is something they’ve been waiting to hear for a long time now. Adding to that greatness is the rejoining of guitarist Twiggy Ramirez to the band, a founding member who was such a large part of their sound for so long, as well as Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails fame and Wes Borland (that Wes Borland) as a member of the touring band, and it’s looking like a real resurgence. For scans of a recent Revolver interview, go here.

Also about to drop like sweaty third trimester are the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, who recently announced the title of their third full-length as Blitz! The album should be ready sometime in the spring.

Quick comic movie update: a third Batman movie has been confirmed by producers, for release sometime in 2011. Not much else to say about it, but this is the first time it’s been officially acknowledged. And in Wolverine news, the movie is still lined up for May but recently went into reshoots. While normally that could mean trouble, this time it’s apparently to add more Deadpool. So happy birthday, more Ryan Reynolds rockin’ your shit.

In Xbox 360 land, demos for F.E.A.R. 2 and Resident Evil 5 have hit and are looking top notch. Have you guys played them yet? Thoughts?



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i AM playing fallout right now.
it's been hours.

just a heads up, an addition to the last post: the sleeping posted "bomb the world" on their myspace page. two new tracks from the dudes. be psyched.

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an ungodly.

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i would have been playing fallout right now, but i have HOURS.

it has been SUCH a long time since i really thought about the sleeping as a band capable of producing something new. not in a bad way, per say. it's just the way things had been going. no bands that i had truly found a great deal of respect and admiration for continued on their path once a period of about a year or so of immense silence occurred. i didn't give up on them, i just sort of assumed. my bad. over on their ap.net profile they've posted an exclusive new track which will be on their new record dropping later this year. it is the sleeping, still in tact, though there is a bigger presence of keys/synth in the recording. though it is unmistakably the same band that has brought us that outside the box music we've come to expect from them since the beginning. also, these guys will be playing the donkey on the 21st so be sure to come out and show your support.

a band i randomly got into from watching headbanger's ball (for real), impending doom posted a new song on their myspace. in all honestly, it is exactly what they did on their last album which is perfect for what i expected, and nowhere (anywhere close) to pushing the boundaries of music, though there is a breakdown so if this is your pill, click.

rahul wants you so badly to listen to the new onceover record, yet hasn't posted anything about it. so i'll do it again for him. here's a taste. it was posted on his twitter between posts about RSS and twitter/facebook connectivity. the man is a beast of tech.

oh, and a day to remember continues to mash up posi and pop-punk with brutal breakdowns on a new album coming out in about 9 days' time. they've posted a new track on their myspace which isn't specifically exciting, but gets across the idea that they are a little bit harder than they used to be, and are putting a little bit more thought into their NON harder parts. they're still ADTR but with more dedication to the craft.

dredg did the score for a movie called waterborne and there's a track on their myspace from it called "overhead night" and i can't seem to locate this score ANYWHERE, and i'm bummed. this is my plea for help. i'm pretty sure that new record is coming out in march.

remember when the format broke up? then nate went on to start something called fun? i'm not crazy about it, but it's here. i judge REALLY quickly. welcome to wrankmusic.

more slap-rating: gospel claws is a band who i loved their name, and then was lukewarmed by their music.

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Too little too late

Posted by Pat

Hey guys I just wanted to apologize for not getting the onterview with Show Me Action up today. I ran into a little trouble with the download that is supposed to be posted with the interview. I'm hoping to have it up tomorrow.

Until then head over to www.myspace.com/showmeaction and show those guys some love.

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Stray From The Path In 2009

Posted by Pat

Continuing the series of what the expect from Long Island bands this year, I spoke with Stray From The Path.

WRANKmusic (WM): Are their plans for a new album this year?
Stray From The Path (SFTP): Yes we are writing a new record right now and will be in the studio at the end of february with Misha Mansoor (bulb, Periphery) in Washington D.C, the record should be released summer 2009.

WM: If the is a new record, can we expect a new style? Will it be faster and harder, or are you looking to take the band in a new direction?
SFTP:This new record will be more complete, with what we feel more song structure. It will be the same stray writing fast, heavy, hard, pissed of music.

WM: Will you guys be playing the Island more, or are you planning on spending most of the year on the road?
SFTP:We will be spending most of the year on the road. But our Record Release show will be very special I can guarantee you that.

WM: As a band that can be seen as "making it," do you have any advice for bands looking to hit the road this year?
SFTP:Well I don't know if i would say made it, but i am not afraid to say my band has been successful. We worked our asses off for years doing shit tours that I booked myself and playing to 20 kids a night. It finally paid off and got us signed and now we are doing real tours. most bands that want to be on the road and have a record out wants it to happen to them. It does not happen like that, most labels wont sign you if you haven't done a tour before. Go out and make it yourself, take risks, do shitty tours and shitty drives to play to anybody. Look at bands like THIS IS HELL who started up and hit the road instantly and was successful, look at bands like BACKTRACK who started up and got right on the road. You need to tour, or shit wont happen.

WM: What are you most looking forward to in 2009?
SFTP:The New record, new cd's by bands that i love. Stanley cup finals, Resident Evil 5.

WM: Lastly, any surprises in store for this year?
SFTP:We have some huge tours coming up, our new record is going to be awesome. We have a new solid line up. Things are going to be great. And I own a lot of hockey jerseys, it rules.


All Grown Up In 2009

Posted by Pat

I also recently spoke with All Grown Up about their 2009 plans. They were so stoked about the interview, that they're letting us offer up a free download of their new track "Undertow." Stop by the comments, and their myspace to show them some love.

WRANKmusic (WM): Are there plans for a new album in 2009? If so, will it be a proper full length or another demo/EP?
All Grown Up (AGU): We've been in the studio the last month or so and have completed one song of three songs which we've been recording (the song Undertow is one of the new ones. Mix 2 is up on our page now). And we'll continue to release tracks throughout the next few months. We plan to release a full length sometime this year. We dont know exactly when this will happen but goshdarnit it will happen. We have enough material to do a double live album (haha) but it's more about finding the right songs that have the right vibe to make the final cut.

WM: Have there been any offers from labels and if so is there any chance of seeing you guys signed this year?
AGU: We've spoken to small indie labels in the past two years that dig what we do on record and live but nothing has ever happened with it. Honestly we're not worried about getting signed or not getting signed but continuing to make music that moves us and hopefully others. If someone wants to help us put out an album, that's great! If not, we dont give a shit, we're going to do it ourselves anyway. We ARE going to be looking for a strong distro deal once we complete our full length. That's about it.

WM: What direction are you taking with any new material? Will it be slower, faster, heavier, lighter, etc?
AGU: You're going to hear a lot of different sounds from our new recordings... everything from rock to digital to punk to folk. Some of the material we've been performing live comes off a bit more aggressive but we live to keep our live shows uptempo and loud. But records need ups and downs so they never hit a plateau and become boring to the listener. We've been spinning a lot of Polar Bear Club, every American Analog Set release, and most of the Sargeant House bands so you can see our heads are all over the place.

WM: What kind of touring can we expect for 2009? Lots of Long Island shows?
AGU: We plan on doing a Spring tour with some friends on the East coast and Midwest hopefully in April. There will be a bunch of Long Island, Brooklyn and NYC shows scattered throughout the year as well.

WM: Is there anything else that we should keep our eyes open for from you guys this year?
AGU: Why yesss. A new member, tons of new material, hoodies, We're also working with a hip hop producer who is planning the release of a deceased rapper by the name of Stack Bundles from Far Rockaway. He was murdered in the Summer of 07. We were asked by his father, who works with one of our good friends, to record music over one of his vocal tracks that we picked. Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Cam'ron are all going to be on his full length. He used to tour with the Dip Set guys and T.I. before being shot. Just Google "Stack Bundles", his stuff is amazing. We're very lucky to be a part of something like this.
Also, we're proud to announce we've started a Saves The Day Tribute band named Stay What You Are. We'll be debuting some songs at a Cystic Fibrosis benefit show at Mr. Beery's in February and will be playing house parties and shows upon request. It's a large group of members from all our friend's bands. If you want to join in, let us know! haha

Here is a free download of their new song Undertow.
All Grown Up - Undertow (Right Click & Save)


Nightmare Of You In 2009

Posted by Pat

I recently spoke with Joe from Nightmare Of You about their plans for 2009, and this is what he had to say:

WRANKmusic (WM): Are their plans for a new album this year?
Joe: We are in the studio right now making a new album. Probably a release in April. Feel free to check out our blogs and video on our website to stay up to date with that progress.

WM: For the new record, can we expect a new style or direction?
Joe: This album is going to make you want to have sex with everything you can touch.

WM: Any chance the new album will be pressed on vinyl?
Joe: We will probably press some vinyl yes. Vinyl sales were up 90% last year. Might as well.

WM: Will you guys be playing the Island more, or are you planning on spending most of the year on the road?
Joe: We just played long island recently and probably wont be back for a while. We do plan on hitting the road for a while including a tour of England in April. Possibly other territories as well depending on where we end up licensing the album.

WM: As a band that can be seen as "making it," do you have any advice for bands looking to hit the road this year?
Joe: My advice is to write really good songs. And by really good I mean really good. Spare the world of more over produced, auto tuned, quantized, hit replaced, beat detected bullshit. Listen to some Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Hendrix, Marley, Grateful Dead...... take notes. Do your homework. Figure out how to write great meaningful songs. That is of course only if you have something meaningful to say. Don't spend time worrying about your haircut. Learn how to play your instruments.

WM: Lastly what are you most looking forward to in 2009?
Joe: I am most looking forward to our album release and touring the world.


Long Island In 2009

Posted by Pat

Over the next week or so I will be posting some short interviews with Long Island bands, in which we speak about their plans for 2009. Expect info on new albums, tour, advice, and other surprises.

Some of the bands I'll be speaking with include:
All Grown Up
Show Me Action
Nightmare Of You

and many more!


:actual audible gasp:

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the very first thing i want you to know before you read this short post is that fallout 3 recently surpassed half life 2 as my favorite game of all time. going forward, today screens of the operation anchorage DLC were posted and, well... see the subject of this post. good. fucking. god.

musically, i found a pretty outstanding band by the name of antlers from RVA, and i think it is well worth a listen. i contacted them to find out how to pick up their record, and they are still not on itunes.

and, hey, what's up with the lack of feedback, y'all? i mean, i know, we deserve it. but we're coming back. you hear me? WE'RE COMING BACK.

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rahul forwarded this to me as an e-mail but i feel like he should have posted it directly to this website. so i'm going to just copy and paste it as is:

Danny Lohner (of NIN fame) recently remixed Deftones’ "Hole In the Earth" for the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans soundtrack. The album, which features remixes of The Cure, AFI, Alkaline Trio, and Thrice among others, will be available for download next Tues, January 13th via iTunes.

i know i'll be itunesing it up.

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