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Ten Seconds Left Until Midnight…

Posted by Pat

It's New Year's Eve. 2009 will be upon us a few hours from now, and we'll begin thinking of what's to come. But first let's take a quick look back at 2008.

This year has been a crazy one. The Olympics were hosted in China, Obama was elected as the first African-American president, and Sarah Palin made me want to move to Canada. We had natural disasters, wildfires, and Israel and Pakistan are on the verge of war. And lets not forget those terror attacks in India a few weeks back. Oh and the economy flushed itself down the crapper.

Yet looking back at music, it wasn't as bleak of a year. Have Heart surprised the hell out of me. While Stray From The Path, and Danny Rocco released debut albums for their new labels. Thursday surprised a lot of people by teaming up with Japan's Envy, while Geoff and Daryl put out United Nations' Debut. Glassjaw came out of left field and streamed a song from their new album on their website. Fear Before dropped the march of flames for their newest album and From Autumn To Ashes called it quits. And that's just some of the stuff that happened.

Movies and games had a good year too. The Dark Knight was the movie to beat this year. We left vault 101 to explore the wasteland with fallout 3. Gears Of War 2 had us destroying the locust again. And Metal Gear Solid 4 finished the story started a decade ago.

Now I know I've missed some albums this year, The Gaslight Anthem's new record is one I'll need to grab after the new year. And that is kind of the point of this post. So much happened this year, and tons of good music was released that it's nearly impossible to listen to it all. So I'm posting my best of 2008 mix as my final post of 2008. It's full of my favorite tracks from my favorite releases of the year. So throw it on, and party it up into the new year.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope this year is full of change for the better.



Two Weeks of Being Catchy

Posted by Rahul

All That Remains - "Two Weeks"

I can't stop listening to this song. It just brings you in. 

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[subject has become irrelevant]

Posted by .steve

[the video was removed by user, thereby making this paragraph a paragraph mannequin.]

i saw fred performing solo right before coheed at their second stage turbine blade night and it was horrible. just sayin'.


oh yeah, there's also the new dredg track over here. it's said that this isn't definitely going to be on the new record, but it's still a taste of what's been going on.

currently listening to the new common record, universal mind control. it's not bad, actually, but not great. i'm waiting for another be from this man, and while i know another classic like that is hard to come by, it's the simplicity of that record that takes me somewhere different every time.

best of 2008 lists have started showing up on the forum in the random music discussion section. we'll start putting them up on the front page too, i'm assuming. if you want your list up, drop it on the forum. we'll post it.

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Two Thousand And Eight.

Posted by Dave

As many of you know here at Wrankmusic we have a tradition.  Probably our only tradition.  And that is, our 'Best Albums of The Year' lists.  Seeing as how it's mid-December, it's about that time for our 2008 lists, folks.

Now these lists have taken many different forms over the years.  While it first started out as a collection of our thoughts on what the best albums of the past year were, people have also taken the time to list what albums were disappointments, what albums we wished had came out but were delayed, and what else in the past year had us excited as hell (video games, movies, books, current events, etc).  It can  be as long or as short as you want it to be, in any format you choose.  You don't have to have a huge and detailed collection of fifty pretentious and haughty artists no one's ever heard of before in order for your list to be good. If it's just five albums that were all in the Billboard Top 20, that's fine man... just tell us why. Include your opinion and talk about your choices; a straight-up numbered list is easy to write, but quite boring to read.  We care more about your voice than your actual picks, feel me?

We have a thread about the End Of The Year Lists, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas (which we love). If you want an example, right here is an impromptu list for 2007 from an MIA wrankmusic contributer, Fiction Alchemist. Man where did that kid go, anyway?

I'd really like everyone who comes here daily or weekly to contribute to the longevity of our beloved website by invited two or three people you know to visit the site. Have them check it out, register and start throwing down on the forums. We love hearing new voices and welcome anyone who has something to say, about anything whatsoever. With that said, I hope you guys all have an awesome Christmas or Hannukah and New Year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what '09 has to offer us. One thing's for sure, we're going to have a MUCH better President leading the nation! ;)

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You can bet when mid-October ends…

Posted by Pat

Glassjaw have finally posted a new track, called "You Think You're John Fucking Lennon" over on their website. It starts after a weird drum loop plays a few times. Personally I think the track sounds better then the when I saw them play it at the Crazy Donkey back in December 2006. With a month left, I have hope that this album will bee the light of day before the year's end.

Does anyone else miss Anterrabe? I know I do. They played the first show I saw at the Downtown, as well as the last show I saw there. What about A Love For Enemies? Well if you answered yes to either of those questions, then you should be stoked. Both bands are getting back together to play at Traxx on December 22nd, along with another Long Island band we haven't heard from in a while, Bela Kiss. For more info hit this link up.

Thursday, a band I recently posted about, has finally announced a title and release date for their new album. It's called "Common Existence" and will be released on February 17th, 2009. They also have a mysterious countdown on there myspace. If you head over the here you can see the announcement video.

Oh and Converge is working on a fllow up to 2006's "No Heroes," but that isn't the real news (seeing as we figured they would be writing a follow up) but they are also working on another DVD. Both should be released in 2009 apparently.

Head into the forums and join the discussions. Seriously click here, register, and start posting.

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