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Vinyl & Free Dr. Pepper

Posted by Pat

Man has it been a while since I have posted here.

So Thursday recently released their new split with Japan's Envy. I should be getting mine in the next day or two, and when I do I'll post some pictures and impressions. I pre-ordered the "Autumn Leaves Bronze" version of the album, and because of that my order was delayed due to pressing problems. In other Thursday news, they recently signed with Epitaph Records and just recently finished mixing some of their new album. If you're interested to see what they are up to check out their twitter page.

Nightmare Of You also is releasing some vinyl. Their debut album on a 12" and their recent "Bang EP" on a 10" together in a double gatefold with new artwork. It's up for pre-order over at nightmareofyou.com. If you are interested, the first 200 are autographed.And speaking of Nightmare Of You I recently had them out for a show, and they are seriously some of the nicest guys I have met while doing this.

The Backup Plan recently announced that they will be releasing two records next year with State Of Mind Recordings. The first is a 7" containing the last handful of songs they wrote just before breaking up. And the second is a CD featuring the songs from the 7", as well as their first demo, and some b-sides from 2003s "Dearest Whomever." Keep an eye on their myspace blog for updates.

A good friend of mine, Danny Rocco just released his debut solo album on Oort Records. You can head over to his myspace to hear some of the tracks from the album, and see some of the artwork I did for the album. If you like what you hear and live in the north east you should be able to grab the album at Hot Topic and FYE, and if you don't then you can grab it from amazon or digitally from iTunes.

Oh I almost forgot to mention; Well, Hello a band from the north Fork of Long Island called it quits this past week. It's a shame.

Man I seem to be talking a lot about vinyl. Lots of the new releases are being put on vinyl, or doing something like this. Poison The Well recently announced and put up pre-orders for the first in their series of 7"s. As a follow up to "Versions" the band is doing a series of 3 7"s, that when put together will spell out a secret message. The records all contain new material, none of which is going to appear in their next full length which is due in early to mid 2009. Head over to here to check out a new track from the first 7".

Oh yeah don't forget this Sunday November 23rd, 2008 EVERYONE is eligible for a free Dr. Pepper. You can thank Axle Rose for this one, since Guns & Roses are finally releasing their new album "Chinese Democracy." If you never herd of the promotion then head over here and read this article.

I wish I wasn't broke. It's the worst time of year to be broke. There are some great album coming out, TONS of great games, and movies. It's almost overwhelming. Hit the forum up, and check out some of the discussions going on about games (Fallout 3, Resistance 2, etc) as well as movies, websites, and lots of other stuff.

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The Mercurial & Matt Pinfield

Posted by Rahul

Back from 2007. Very cool.

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wise up!

Posted by .steve

this band ain't bad. they're calling themselves i call this safety which seems more like a cursive tattoo somewhere on a body than a band name, but at this point... it's fine.

the last legit unknown that i was pumped about, trumpets... yeah, i think they're on hiatus.

fallout 3 is all i do.

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