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Posted by Brian

I haven't had this much fun since the Ninja Turtles went metal.

Bert & Ernie throw down.

For real, if you're in the market for some good hip-hop try on The KNUX. They're a New Orleans duo who write and play their own music, and so far they're showing some promise. They blend hip-hop lyrics with keyboard and guitars, the result being somewhat like Outkast fused with 80's/90's hip-hop. You can check out two songs and a video for each on their Myspace until their album Remind Me in 3 Days lands in October.

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Eros – Weekly Clip 2

Posted by Rahul

Even though I'm a hardcore Deftones fan, this video is useless. Oh well.

Weekly Clip 2 FTL.

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The Next Big Thing…

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Deftones – Eros

Posted by Rahul

According to the Deftones blog, they will be releasing a new studio clip from their upcoming album, Eros, every Friday.

Also, if you haven't been on the forum, or read on the interwebs elsewhere, they're thinking of doing multiple shows in the same city on their upcoming tour. The twist is that on one night, they'll play Adrenaline from start to finish live. The next, Around the Fur, or White Pony, etc. Basically, album-long live shows. So cool.

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