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No One Will Hear You Scream (except your Mom).

Posted by Dave

dead space

 There is so much to say about the game Dead Space, which drops October 20th.  Although being released by EA, normally known for sucking the life out of the video game industry in general, this original IP seems like it's going to be brilliant in every way.   The marketing they are doing prior to launch is the most exciting marketing I've seen for a video game in a really long time, and the amount of quality people who have worked on this game (and the excellent influences used in the creation of the game) should certainly translate in a dark, creepy, suspenseful and fun as hell experience. One of the writers that worked on the game's development is the very well-known graphic novelist Warren Ellis (BlackGas, Fell, Ministry Of Space).

If you're completely unfamiliar to the game, it's a survival horror shooter.  Thematically, think Event Horizon meets The Thing (both incredibly suspenseful movies, and scary as fuck) ; gameplay seems similiar to Resident Evil 4, with it being 3rd person over-the-shoulder perspective.  Long story short, a distress call is received from the USG Ishimura, a "Planet Cracker" class vessel which is used primarily to destroy planets in order to acquire valuable ore.  3 men set out of rendezvous with the ship; once they board, the main character is separated from the other 2 and soon learns that everyone on board has either been killed, or, well... they aren't human anymore, let's just say that.  and being that the Ishimura was essentially a mining vessel, don't expect to have standard weaponry to help you out.  You're left to fend for yourself with the help of mining equipment used crudely as your only offense and defense.

On Xbox Live Marketplace and on PSN, not only can you download "developer diary" videos and multiple trailers for the game, but they've also made available for free download the animated versions of the comic they released which sets up the whole background story to the game.  The 6-issue run is written and illustrated by Ben Templesmith, who's previous work includes the well-known 30 Days Of Night.  Aside from that, there is an animated movie to be released before the game comes out called Dead Space: Downfall which deals directly with the events just prior to the beginning of the game.  The movie events take place inbetween the events of the comic series and the video game, and will be released on both DVD and Blu-Ray.  Lastly, a website has been launched called NOKNOWNSURVIVORS.COM which basically thrusts you onto the Ishimura and gives you a lot to explore as far as hidden content and further details into the lives of a few of the crew. For a website created just to help market the release of the game, I was very impressed. There's a good amount of detail (they say more will be added weekly until the game's release) and it seemed like there was more to find. All of this just adds up to a huge amount of excitement for this game. I hope the gameplay can live up to be as quality as the theme and the imagery. Who else is excited for this bad boy?

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Posted by Pat

This is a band that i have been excited about for 3 years or so, however long ago it was that word leaked out about it existing. United Nations calls themselves "Power-violence" but if you're familar with mid 90s screamo, then their sound will be kind of familiar. In parts it's very reminiscent to bands like Saetia and then it will jump into a Thursday feel.

So why has a band that until this morning had never releases a piece of music before, kept me so interested? Well it is the secret line-up. We know that Geoff Rickly of Thursday is playing guitar. Then in this interview he mentions both Daryl Palumbo of GlassJaw, and Ben Koller of Converge as being part of the band. Also Chree from The Number 12 Looks Like You is also speculated to be in the band.

So I've been talking abut this supergroup, so you want to know where you can hear it? Over at their myspace. www.myspace.com/unitednations It's pretty damn sick. The album drops 9/6/08 with a 7" following sometime after that. So if you like the stuff make sure to support these guys.

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Back Burner

Posted by Rahul

August Burns Red - Back Burner

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R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

Posted by Rahul

Another pop icon, dead. He was 65. How the mighty are falling. We'll miss you, Chef.

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Chino Moreno

Posted by Rahul

A master of separating himself from the masses in vocals is featured on a couple of songs on the new Norma Jean album, The Anti-Mother that everyone should go and pick up. Mr. Moreno is also featured on a new Dance Gavin Dance song, titled "Caviar" which you can scope out on their MySpace. It's very cool. I love hearing Chino on new songs, regardless of them being Deftones or not. Speaking of which, I cannot wait for the new album, Eros.

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R.I.P. Bernie Mac

Posted by Rahul

You'll be missed. Thanks for the laughs.

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Worms Of The Earth.

Posted by Dave


So once upon a time there was this band Finch.  This group of four semi-talented musicians from California made a catchy-as-hell screamo album on Drive-Thru Records which got them a sizable amount of success.  And it seemed as they aged, they began to "worship" a certain Long Island band more and more, even going as far as paying some sort of "tribute" to them with their following record.  It didn't sound like the last one, and it didn't do so well, and then they went on hiatus forever.  The end.

Or was it?  They announced a few months ago they went on a reunion tour, and now it seems they have a new EP out.  It's available through online outlets for purchase, but if you want a retail copy, it seems Hot Topic has the exclusive.  Two of the songs, "Daylight" and "From Hell" are up for your aural enjoyment right here. My professional critique of it right now is I Have No Idea. I need to listen to it more. I'm sure tons of kids are psyched on this though.

Norma Jean have a new album coming out this week as well, if you've been paying attention to our music discussion threads. This little collection is called "The Anti Mother" and features collabs with Page Hamilton of Helmet, Cove from Saosin, and none other than Chino Moreno of the Deftones. If that's not enough to interest you, also keep in mind that each song on the album has a really cool metalcore-esque name. Check out the full album, now streaming at their myspace.

United Nations has their effort dropping on September 9th through Eyeball Records. This is an insane scene supergroup featuring Daryl (yes THE Daryl), Geoff from Thursday, and Ben from Converge. This is supposed to be grindcore though, so chances are it's going to blow and yet people are going to buy it due to the DP factor. I wish they had some songs available to listen to so I can be proven wrong. We'll see I guess, eh?

Steve and I are big fans of some guy you might or might not have heard of named John Legend. He's on Kanye's label and is pretty much the best thing to happen to R&B in a long, long time. Also, he's released a new song called 'Green Light' which is pretty much one of the best things he's done. It features Andre 3000 and can be found here. If this what his new album is going to sound like, it's going to be light years in quality away from his last one.

Mercenaries 2 at the end of this month? BE EXCITED.

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