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these are the cries of the carrots.

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i am a huge believer in darwinism, science, the big bang, numbers. all that. the universe as chaos. i'll go no further than that, at least on the interwebz0rs. ben stein's made a documentary that gives another take on the whole creationism theory. i've got an open mind, and i'd like to check this movie out. give a look to the trailer, guys.

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hey! listen!

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Josh Moore - The Road Here

behind that link is an electronic press kit for josh moore's solo music endeavor. josh sang and played guitar for beloved which is where i originally found out about him, and he also moved on to classic case for a time. now, see, beloved has one of my favorite albums of my all time (26 years; ~9 years of following music; could change) in failure on, and to know him as an entity from that, this separate idea is a completely new thing with a completely different design.

think the difference between dallas green alone, and then with alexisonfire. then push the distance a bit further. maybe, you know what, actually a little bit more alike when you think of the newer city & colo(u)r album.

i'm a really big fan of what it seems that he'll be about in this upcoming album. i have to go to work in 5 minutes, so i didn't get to watch the full thing, for real, but about 3 minutes in, i knew i wanted to say something about it to someone. and you all are the someone.

and i know dave mentioned the new misery signals song. the one here. no words.

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guns and whores.

Posted by Dave

    So for those of you who just crawled out from under a fucking rock, Grand Theft Auto IV is being released tomorrow. Or tonight at midnight if you're especially hardcore. Speaking of hardcore and GTA (oh you know you like that segue), there's actually a "Liberty City Hardcore" radio channel in the game, and it's hosted by the singer from Murphy's Law. Pretty cool if I do say so myself. And I do. I'm buying the special edition of the game which is well worth the extra $30. Get this: it comes with an actual safety deposit box with key (on a Rockstar keychain), a Rockstar duffel bag, the soundtrack to the game, and a book of the art of GTA. Pretty sick.

I downloaded the demo on Xbox Live for this game called Operation Darkness a couple of days ago. It's made by Atlus who has released a number of awesome games. This game looks and plays like if an RTS and an RPG made sweet love in Nazi Germany in the 1940's, but with werewolves and magic. And it's actually kinda cool. I'll be picking that up too when it drops 6/25.

On the music front, a good number of us here at Wrank are uber-fans of Misery Signals. Their album Mirrors was just excellent in so many ways. They have a new album dropping 7/22 called Controller and they just posted a new track off of that album called "Weight Of The World." You can find it on their myspace.

What else is going on in music? I know the new Ours album called Mercy dropped a couple of weeks ago and, if you aren't into that band, I just don't like you all that much. Check out their myspace if you aren't familiar with them yet. Mercy definitely isn't their strongest release to date, but still more worthy of your time than that other shitty band you're listening to right now.

I don't know if we posted this yet, but the new Team Sleep site is here. Apparently they are going to be releasing a bunch of b-sides off of the self-titled album, and they already have a bunch of demos up that you can check out for free. I have to say, not everything these guys do musically is cool, but I LOVE pretty much everything they do artistically and visually.

That's it for now.  I'm going to try to update up here a little bit more regularly.  But then again I always say that and then it's another six months before I post again so who the fuck knows.  See you in another six months probably.  Hah.

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Some Thursday For Monday

Posted by Pat

The quality is not the greatest, bu the song has a great feeling, and I'm liking how it looks to be heading.

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Dark Arts

Posted by Brian

As if this poster for The Dark Knight which I posted a while back wasn't the coolest thing ever:

Dark Knight 1

they had to come along, and make this one:

dark knight 2


According to http://www.whysoserious.com/itsallpartoftheplan/, we can expect something to happen in "Three days", most likely a new trailer. If you want to download a high-res version of that new poster for yourself, go to that link and click on the lever.


Because I was asked: You can buy them here.

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nothing in forms of solid details have been released, but the words "a marvel ultimate alliance sequel is slotted for 2009" have been posted on various reputable video game news websites.

all that's left to do is survive.


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2 Weeks

Posted by Rahul

"2 Weeks" has been posted by Mr. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails over at nin.com. The last time this happened, we were given Ghosts I-IV. Let the speculating begin. Exciting times on the interwebs indeed.

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under those roots.

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this post got turned all kinds of bogus.

actually, that's sort of ironic that i brought up norma jean earlier. they've just recently posted a new video of their tour of the studio in ross robinson's house. but when you head over and check out the footage of it, it's sort of uneventful. pretty much a video letter to home, if nothing else.

and then mindless self indulgence posted their full new album if on their myspace but god it blows. it sounds like msi, but only the parts that are in between the good parts.

and AP.net has the new mansions EP up for streaming on his AP profile. i'd never heard the band but was interested, only because on the front page of that site itself, they called it amazing. i've never really agreed with very many of the opinions expressed on that page, and still don't.

for example, when they were flipping out about lydia's new jam, illuminate, i thought it'd at least be a high 8 or low 9. it's a 6.

i don't know if i believe it or not, but apparently the image on the front page here are the new slipknot masks. hm.

and unearth begins recording in june, with adam dutkiewicz, apparently.

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this dosage for most leading architects.

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honestly, this discovery wasn't made by me, but rather a bulletin put out by as cities burn. though, when i did click through to the link they'd provided, i wasn't disappointed in the least. check out flowers for algernon. they've got a little norma jean going on, or at least what my impression of them was.

mario kart for wii is out this sunday, and grand theft auto iv is out next tuesday.

me and dave are still playing marvel ultimate alliance.

it may also be of some value to you that they've just started to release information about the newest installment in the silent hill series, entitled silent hill: homecoming. apparently, this is meant to drop in september. details as they manifest themselves.

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