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For Example

Posted by Rahul

Every Time I Die - "Floater" (live)

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Live Show Destroyers

Posted by Rahul

Last night Steve, Dave, Bob-O, and myself went to the Take Action Tour featuring Every Time I Die, August Burns Red, The Bled, From First to Last, and The Human Abstract. Honestly, I went for 3 of those aforementioned - ETID, ABR, and The Bled.

I was very disappointed by the Bled. I don't know why, but it just didn't sound tight enough. Maybe it's because they went on after ABR, and they were just ridiculously perfect. That's the only way to describe it. I've never been that blown away by a band I was really psyched to see, of that genre and caliber. Maybe Emmure, but they still could not top how together ABR sounded. It really sealed the deal. Steve showed me ABR a while back but I guess I was on something since I didn't pay any attention to it. He sent over one song again recently, and I spent the $45 on their 2 albums and their re-released EP + DVD since.

August Burns Red is quite possibly the best band I've seen live playing the music off their albums as if it's no big deal and still having lots of energy and fun in the process. I don't care if you're into them or not (granted you should be), but if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend seeing them. It was beautiful.

I've also never seen Every Time I Die live until last night. I've liked their albums up until this point, but again, the live show really sealed the deal. I can't say enough good things about their performance. When you pay money to see the bands you love you should have some expectations. Both ABR and ETID live up to and far surpass those expectations. I wish all bands really try to meet their performances and stage presence and sound. Another big factor I suppose is the venue. Hands down, the Fillmore @ Irving Plaza (or just Irving Plaza as we've all called it for years), in my opinion has the best acoustics for bands like this in the tri-state area.

On the other hand, I could've really done without The Human Abstract as I felt their vocalist couldn't keep up with the rest of the music, nor could he find any sort of style. They did their thing and were quick, so whatever. I never listened to From First to Last, and after their show, I don't plan to ever again, but they did their thing. They weren't bad... I just couldn't stand the whiny singer who sounds like a 12-year old with a sexual-preference confusion. Oh well.

August Burns Red - "Composure"

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thin parted lips.

Posted by .steve

The band Gregor Samsa is actually quite wonderful. Check them out at your leisure.


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A Sound, Resurrecting

Posted by Brian


For fans of legendary trip-hop act Portishead, the impossible is happening beneath their feet. After a hiatus that started back in 1999, with only one break in 2005 to play a tsunami benefit concert, the band is releasing a new album, titled Third, on April 28th of this year. This is their first new album in ten years and eleven since new material, owing to their last release being a live performance recording. That album is nothing to brush over, however, as it was pnyc, an incredible one-time concert featuring Portishead and a full orchestra. If you listen to one Portishead album, that's the one.

Now the long silence is broken. Along with a standard release there's also a pre-order for a limited edition box set featuring double vinyl, an additional etched vinyl of the first single "Machine Gun", a limited edition art print and coolest of all, a usb containing the entire album as well as five films. Their official site, long dormant, has relaunched with links to news updates, forums, a blog, a film section, an online store and their myspace page, where you can hear "Machine Gun" streaming.

In the film section you can find a video/performance of "Machine Gun", but you do need to register with the site to access the area. If you'd rather just skip right to the good stuff it's also here on YouTube. The sound is surprisingly industrial and simplistic, accompanied as always by the amazing voice of Beth Gibbons. I've heard the rest of it and this first single is only partially indicative of the album as a whole, as happens with experimental artists of this nature. If you don't know Portishead yet, their songs mix turntables with keyboards with voice to create a romance and a sadness that reads old and new. This is a timeless band with a sound their own and a lot to offer, and their resurface is a welcome one.

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Synth Hands

Posted by Brian


Korg, those guys who have ruled the world of synthesizers since forever times, are releasing a version of one of their classic synthesizers, the MS-10, on the Nintendo DS.

This means that, since I already own Jam Sessions, I'll finally be able to form what I consider to be the perfect band- consisting of simply synth and acoustic, mainly we'll just cover "The Becoming" by NIN but when we get around to it, we'll probably rule the Earth. We won't take it by force, mind you, it'll simply be handed over.

The DS-10 comes out July in Japan but a worldwide release is planned, date to be announced. Check out the first and second demo videos to see what's up. Cool detail to look for: ability to draw a wire between two parts of the synthesizer to enable a filter.

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Posted by Pat

So guys lately I have been listening to a lot of Life At These Speeds (here) and a lot of Hot Cross (here). I really wish I had paid more attention to these bands when they were still around. Expecially Hot Cross, who I just blew off when they were still together.

Has anyone seen either of these bands live? Or have and suggestions for bands that as similar in sound?

Unfortunately I have been a little busy getting some projects of mine up and running, so I've been a little out of the loop. I did hear Warped Tour is coming through here in July this year, whats up with that? At least we'll have some good bands on our leg. Every Time I Die, Jack's Mannequin, Norma Jean, Say Anything, Reel Big Fish, The Bronx, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster just to name a few. How many people are planning to hit Warped Tour up? We have a thread over here to let us know what shows you are excited about. Be it Warped Tour, The bamboozle, or any other show coming up. So head over there and let us know.

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Hey, yo…Chico!

Posted by Mark

Yes, I am back. For those who don't remember me, check out the old wrank site and you'll see my posts. My name is Mark Smith, I reside in Bellmore, Long Island and I am here to bring a little bit more "music" to WRANKmusic.

First, I want to address any bands who are checking this site out right now. In the upcoming weeks, I plan to do a massive amount of local reviews of demos, EP's or Full Length Albums. If you are interested in receiving a review, please contact me at msmith23@gmail.com. I'll review whatever you got. I also plan to attend a few local shows each month, to which I will review those as well.

Secondly, I made two posts on the forum about a Battle of the Bands. If you've read them, then the next paragraph is going to be the same post as there:



I know you've all seen things about Battle of the Bands, where you're only one band out of about thirty and you're stuck selling tickets for a show you only have a one in thirty chance of winning. And hell, what is the prize?

Well, I am happy to finally say that there is a Battle of the Bands that even when you enter, you win a prize. Wanna hear more?

I am thrilled to announce that WRANKmusic.com is proud to join up with Enjoy The Ride Records, in conjunction with Star Sound Studios in Islip, New York and Fueled by Photography as we are all very happy to bring you a Battle of the Bands on April 19th, at Traxx in Ronkonkoma, New York.

Now, there are officially two bands who have signed up so far and we need more. Unfortunately, you will have to sell a minimum of twenty tickets to be able to play, but here's the catch. Every band that enters automatically gets five hours studio time if they get twenty people to the show. For every ten sold after twenty has been sold, you will earn more time in the studio.

The grand prize is a demo recording session at Star Sound Studio, courtesy of course of Star Sound Studio. Along with that, Fueled By Photography will be taking photos at the Battle and will be pledging a Free Promo Picture Shoot and an interview to the winning band. Here at WRANK, the winner will receive a Show Review, an Interview along with a few other goodies still to be worked out.

Any interested parties, please contact Ross Shotland at enjoytheriderecords@gmail.com with the title "Battle of the Bands Entry". You can reach him also through Enjoy The Ride Records' myspace, which I linked above and will list below.

Thank you, and we are all looking forward to your entries and the Battle on April 19th.



I just wanted to reintroduce myself to you all, and I look forward to chatting with you all soon. Thanks.

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^ Grab Jaw.

Posted by .steve

i just got through condemned: criminal origins last night for my first time. it was a launch title (or roundabouts that) for the 360 and i'd heard tons of good things about it (mannequins! did you see the mannequins??) and a few bad things, but mostly from people who got into it after the system had picked up some steam. i'd say the game has not aged well AT ALL, but if you're looking for a good first person melee game with survival horror thematic elements, jump on this. OR, i can get to my actual point:

condemned 2: bloodshot was released yesterday, and i'm looking into getting up on that sometime in the next few weeks. already, the reviews have been solid (8.0, ign; A-, 1up; 8.0, gamespot) and if all the game does is update the graphics and gameplay mechanics and continue with the same level of story (nothing outstanding, but just fine for a game of its caliber) this game will be a success.

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gross point.

Posted by .steve

first of all, i'm freezing. only a few more months....

and what i came to really say here was to point out and remedy the fact that we rarely discuss live music opportunities here, so i'm just going to throw some ideas out there, based on where i'll be. if you want to come too, nice. if you want to drop a heads up on what else is going on, leave a comment here or on the forum and let us know what the deal is.

next wednesday (the 19th) i'll be seeing the honorary title at irving with mae and a couple other bands who i think are far-less and between the trees. listening to the tracks of those bands sort of made me want to show up late, but we'll see how things unfold on that day. regardless of what they do, this will be the first time i see the honorary title in a place larger than the downtown, so i'm curious how it's going to play out. acoustic stuff is weird. but i also hope he doesn't play straight through all of the stuff he has on his new album which is more band oriented, but not as good.also, rah and i will be spending our easter with august burns red, every time i die, and the bled at irving. get on this.

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Greener Grass

Posted by Brian


Ang Lee's Hulk movie wasn't bad, it was just kind of...pleh.

This, is not pleh.


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