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Red and Yellow, Kill a Fellow

Posted by Brian

iron man

The new, super-extended, looks-so-damn-good trailer for Iron Man now exists. I don't know about you, but I really never cared about Iron Man until this movie started looking the way it does. Jon Favreau seems to understand what fans want and Robert Downey, Jr. is the greatest reincarnation myth ever told. I'm expecting dropped jaws and machine-gun laughter.

Watch it.

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New Filter Song

Posted by Rahul

So, the new single coming off the upcoming Filter (yes, really!) album is on MySpace. It's titled,"Soldiers of Misfortune."

It's very U2esque. I don't think that should deter anyone from liking it. I just hope the whole album doesn't sound like this. Only time will tell.

Hit it up here.

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Putting Long Island Back On The Map

Posted by Pat

GlassJaw 7.jpg

So check it out, GlassJaw has broken the silence. If you head over here you can check out an interview with Beck where he talks about the new album.

I was at both of the shows at the Crazy Donkey in December of 2006 and they played the songs mentioned in the article. Let me tell you something, they were killer songs and I can only hope the rest of the album follows suit.

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Adamantium Fist Pump

Posted by Brian


This is the first official picture of Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the spin-off set to release on May 1, 2009. Yes, he looks like he could kill God. Yes, May 1, 2009 is a long, long way away.

More and more details have been coming out about this movie, and as a long-time fan of the character I'm about ninety percent psyched out of my mind. Wolverine is arguably the greatest comic character that's been invented. I say arguably, because I would argue with you about it. He's strong but not too strong, he has a distinct personality and for years his origin was one of the best mysteries in print. Hence his origin being such great material for a movie that, believe me, will only scratch the surface.

Get it? ...Scratch the surface? He has claws? Fuck it.

All the official details are on wikipedia, but here's the summary: X-Men Origins: Wolverine will take place seventeen years before the X-Men movie, detailing his violent past with the Weapon X program and William Stryker as well as some other staples of the Wolverine world. This means Silver Fox, his love interest. It means Sabretooth, played now not by a mute wrestler but by Liev Schrieber. I find that one a little hard to picture, however I'm always willing to give a real actor the benefit of the doubt. Other characters will include John Wraith played by will.i.am, Gambit, someone the fans have been screaming for for three X-Men movies, played unfortunately by no-one special, and the best news of all, Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds. Yes. I said that. If you need proof of how perfect this casting is, look at a) his performance in Blade: Trinity and b) that wikipedia link for Deadpool. The short version: he's an insane, wise-cracking, disfigured assassin.

I can't even picture waiting for 2009 right now.

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big burns.

Posted by .steve

it's a damn shame how the show this sunday went down. well, for me at least. i got there on time, but went IN too late to see end the stars perform, and they were one of the two bands that i actually cared about. the other, though, oh, sleeper, i was there to witness. and i can't express disappointment in any other way than its expression. although, something that nearly everyone picked up on was the weak, weak drumming put forth. and i can't agree more. although, knowing what to expect from the EP and the record, it was even worse than anyone who hadn't even been interested in the first place. who they were in person, at least at club loaded on february 17th, 2008 was in no way a clear representation of who they are on record. please, give when i am god, the band's newest release, a solid chance. i know, i know, though. i wouldn't believe me either.

out of purchase in upstate new york, moving mountains is creating fairly large, intense music with lots of delay and reverb on the guitars. these guys just recently signed to deep elm, and should be releasing their record pneuma through the label. in the meantime, the band is writing for a fresh new EP, foreword. check out the top few tracks over on the myspace. solid. if you dig it, the record looks to be coming out somewhere around april 8 of this year.

i've been waiting a little bit to actually drop the word on this whole jim ward side project, but it finally seems to have gotten a bit more official with a name and a release date for the solo record. going under the moniker sleepercar, ward seems to have stripped down a lot of his other forefront influences in lieu of a more acoustic and southern sound. take a listen. what does this mean for sparta? well, i honestly have no idea. and i think if they called it a day now, i wouldn't feel so bad. while their last album wasn't bad per say, it was on its way there. west texas will be out on april 22nd. i love that album title.

so, destroy the runner completely changed. check out the new track at the myspace. it's really not that bad, actually. i'm not sure how i completely feel about it as a whole, but at least it looks to be going in the right direction.

NORTH seems like an extremely promising band. i'd love to hear a full album by them, as i feel like a sound like this, something this HUGE in scope seems to fall together much better as a full piece, kind of like a thing you'd put all together, then run back a few steps and take a look at. but absolutely, absolutely worth giving a litmus test to. drop in, take a listen.

it's been a very long time since i've said anything good about anything rap related, but in the same sort of vein (although funk seems a little bit more accurate) is galactic, at the very least a hip-hop ORIENTED act with tons of collabos from lots of pretty intense artists. groove out to the love over at the myspace.

last but not least, for something a little more smooth and electronic, drop in on black spade.

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Posted by Pat

Modern Life Is War will embark on one last tour, and then they will unfortunately be throwing in the towel.

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so big.

Posted by .steve

encrypt manuscript dropped back to earth with this to say.

Dear Readers,

Many of you have written us, wondering what happened to Encrypt Manuscript and with our supposed “new” album--an understandable inquiry considering our practically inactive online presence and lack of live shows in the past year. We’ve written this letter to shed light on these questions. Please understand: a dormant volcano is still a volcano.

For five days in January 2007 Encrypt Manuscript recorded 10 songs with Producer Paul Mahajan (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) for what was supposed to be the group’s first full-length album. Tentatively titled People, the album was eventually scrapped because we felt the performance, the recording, and the songs themselves weren’t close enough to the ones we had envisioned. After a brief but tumultuous period of anger, confusion, and denial, we eventually found clarity and decided to re-do the entire record.

With our tails between our legs, we headed back into our cold, dilapidated rehearsal studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn to write and re-work songs for the next recording. Local shows and a planned national summer tour were canceled--the group only appeared live in 2007 for the occasional benefit or surprise show. While enduring the heavy yoke of wage labor and other unfortunately necessary distractions, the members of Encrypt Manuscript spent most of the year marching forward with the sole goal of developing, recording, and releasing the closest tangible representation of the metaphysical album floating in our collective heads

In November of 2007 we were finally ready. For three weeks, Encrypt Manuscript recorded and mixed 11 new songs with Producer Alex Newport (At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta) at his new studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The album is called Census and it’s our first official full-length album. We think it’s an honest and exciting representation of the musical influences and conceptual ideas we tried to develop since releasing our 7” in 2005, and we are proud to have people finally experience it. 4 of the songs are posted on our website.

Census was mastered by Jeff Lipton (Battles, Karate) at Peerless Mastering in Boston, Ma. It will be released on limited edition CD on The Tone Library in March and soon after that it will be available to download via iTunes. Our record release show will be at Fontana’s in NYC on March 29th with our friends Each Other’s Mothers, Villa Vina, Limbs, and Cheeky. We’ll also be doing an all ages record release show on Long Island in the first week of April with Church of the Rowdy (reunion show), Incendiary, + others.

We hope to see you at the record releases and are eager to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading.

~ EM

for the unveiling: Census

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Who Doesn’t Like Free?

Posted by Pat

Quite a few times now I have posted about a band called The Pax Cecilia. They have an interesting take on how distribute music; instead of just free digital downloads, they band has given away their last two releases. They would mail it to you for free, 100% no strings attached free.

Well I was just checking their site out, and they are coming to the end of their physical copies of "Blessed Are The Bonds". Those are now only available in person. But they have a link to download the entire album for free. You can head over here and download the album it's also on iTunes and they have a link for donations. It's optional, but I do think that if you like the album you should help them out.

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Engage your hyperdork

Posted by Brian

There are two exciting things going on if you're a fan of animation. First, a trailer was released for the Star Wars: Clone Wars 3D animated movie hitting theaters August 15th of this year. It's an introduction to the world of a new animated series which will be on Cartoon Network, with airings to follow on TNT. Go here for the official site, which has a bunch of other news and info. It sounds pretty ambitious for television.


And then, we also have the first look at a bad-ass project that's taking form. It's Batman: Gotham Knight, a Batman-gone-anime dvd very similar to the Animatrix dvd that came out years ago. It will feature multiple, unique tellings of Batman stories, all written by different authors and each with their own visual style. It's planned for release at the same time as The Dark Knight film and is looking pretty good. For a ton of sick clips and concept art mixed with mediocre interviews, succumb to this.


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Tomorrow, Music Strikes Back

Posted by Rahul

Do this up tomorrow. Our boys, End the Stars, will be playing with Finch! Yup, that's right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Doors at 6PM and tickets are $15. Rock out.

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