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the perfection of selling death.

Posted by .steve

both of these bands released new music from the split ep expected soon. please check out both bands, although if you needed to pick one, i'm still in trumpets' side. without a doubt.

trumpets || the bayonet

also, the new rambo movie rivals schwarzenegger's masterpiece, commando. if that means anything to you, (A) let's fucking hangout, and (B) see this movie ASAP.

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Posted by .steve

new mindless self indulgence preview for mastermind.

oh, and this basically sums it up:
:\txt message to PETE +151624XXXXX
Peter, the new mars volta is really here. Its the one.

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the old hokies.

Posted by .steve

so, advent (ex-beloved, guys) are putting in some more preview work for their record remove the earth by way of posting a track, "the cost" up on their myspace page. it's a little disappointing. their tracks that were up from their demo were so insane. "one crushing blow" is still up on the myspace page as of right now. so, i mean, if it still is when you get to that link, hit that track up. then listen to the other two. what a difference. jesus. i don't know. it's still a band i'll be watching for, and a release i'll probably be picking up. but overall, they've gone from HOT to COLD on my handdrawn thermometer chart that i drew on my wall with flames on the top and icicles and frost on the bottom. but, i mean, yeah, this kind of music isn't about how they arrange the tracks or how they used the guitar in a brand new fashion. this is just how hard they're going to knock you on your ass. so, eventually, i feel that the tracks will grow on me. it's all a matter of mood.

another permanent me demo is up on their myspace. the newer one is called "saturday night sunday morning." i mean to be honest, though, i don't check the site that often, so maybe it's been up for a while. but it's new for a while. and i'm really into it. hopefully when they record their newer record, they keep the more homegrown sound in mind, instead of polishing it up to such a high sheen. i think this is a perfect place for them to be.

something to keep an eye open for, as well. the honorary title is going to be playing irving plaza with a couple bands, one of them being mae on march 19th. i mean, i'll be there. if you wanna be there, i'd love to see you.

i hadn't heard anything from remembering never in a while, so i looked it up, and apparently, "they're not breaking up, assholes." .. rest assured.

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One More Chance

Posted by Pat

So I had written off the Mars Volta. I have been nothing but disappointed with them as of late. But I checked out the new track that Steve has been talking about and it's not bad. I wasn't sure if I would pick the album up, but I think I may now.

Only if I can find one of these though:

The CD/Vinyl single for the album. Apparently they are floating around out there. Has anyone seen them?

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Posted by .steve

panic at the disco have a new single, "nine in the afteroon", up on their myspace.

portugal. the man is back in the studio!

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Posted by .steve

yesterday's NHL all-star game was outstanding. no one ever really wants to see a winner, and all we really ever want to do is see fancy moves and insane saves, both of which were there aplenty. but to have seen that go into a shootout would have been incredible. we were so damn close.

either way, a couple new tracks came out this weekend which i just got to check out now.

Genghis Tron dropped a new track on us called "things don't look good." i mean, it's solid if you're into their 'stylistic flare' but it's not their best, and definitely won't attract new listeners. but it is there, and does exist, so if you're into getting all the stars in super mario galaxy, this is kind of the same thing. here you go, sir.

and also, Permanent Me gave us a new demo track at their myspace, and for whatever reason, as a whole from YVA to this iteration of the band, i've always liked their demos a lot more than their finished, polished studio work. and "medicine girl" is no different. no, not at all. i think i hear a little tom petty leaking into their sound. check that out.

MGMT dropped their new album last week. so far, it's the first album worth buying this year (sample some stuff). and also, the mars volta is going to be bringing it to our doorsteps tomorrow as well, and, i mean, "wax simulacra" was dope. so let's give them yet ANOTHER chance.

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The 8-Bit Wonder of The World

Posted by Brian

Hey I like videogames and music, so I assume you like videogames and music. I think that's safe to say. So if you like both of them individually, you should REALLY like them combined. That's just math. Go ahead and deny math all you want, jerk, but it'll come back to get you. And when it does, I swear to god, I swear to god, don't come crying to me that math-ignorance has ruined your life. It'll happen. I've seen it happen to so many people, so many good people. It's so sad. The things I've seen. My tears could fill large, red gasoline containers, nearly to the brim.

Go to OverClocked ReMix for some remixed videogame music.

After that, check out the new version of Wrankmusic we've been working on for you. A lot of hard work has gone into it and we think you'll enjoy all the changes.

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Forum Cleanup

Posted by Rahul

Hey guys,

I just wanted to give a heads up regarding the forum. For those of you that don't even know, we have a forum (the link is on the left there) and you can post whatever your little heart desires. Anyway, I decided to do some cleanup and make it admin-authorized only again since we were getting hit hard with porn spam.

It came to the point where some horrible "person" was posting links to underage porn sites. That's just plain wrong. C'mon now. Is there no decency?

Anyway, I ended up deleting any users that had less than 2 posts. Turns out we had 7,133 users like that. If for some reason your account was accidentally deleted, re-register and let me know, and I'll activate it myself.

Thanks everyone.

Oh, and if you have never gone on the forum, at least check it out. We literally write about anything.

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she stay heavy on my mind.

Posted by .steve

you can check out a new this is hell track, "end of an era", over at their myspace. this is generally not my cup of tea, but for whatever reason, these guys do it right. so so right.OR, you can stream the full new mars volta album at this link over here. i am so scared to see them once again step further down as a band i could have loved. i personally won't be streaming this. but i will be buying the album. keep touching the stove, kid.

supposedly, the new splinter cell: conviction game is still an xbox 360 exclusive.

oh, and the new burnout: paradise? solid fucking gold. although they did away with the traditional after touch system, they still threw in that vibe in another "mode" you can activate whenever you're ready, as far as i can tell. it then turns into a live crash breaker mode. so into that.

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Posted by .steve

i got a couple CDs in the mail today, and it's been a long time, a VERY long time since i've actually taken a good look OR listen to what's come here. i dono, i guess i just was looking a gift horse in the mouth, or something. i seriously would like to start getting back into this website [BOOSH goes the fourth wall!] and the best way to start is by letting little bits of the outside world in.

i ordered a CD from polyvinyl records the other night, and my order came today. it showed up with this link. download a free sampler. it includes wrank favorites like portugal. the man, minus the bear, as well as wrank nononos, like aesop rock.

OH, i actually downloaded the new mars volta track, "wax simulacra" (legally) and it is actually REALLY solid. i'm scared as shit for the full album, but so far, so good.

(rotten records || myspace)
the only other way to better name this album, would be to call it CARNAL REAPERCUSSIONS. the cover is of the grim reaper with bone tentacles coming off of him like smoke (with the obvious sun ray lines coming up behind him in the background) and a naked human with a skull head (but skin everywhere else) and the reaper is vomiting salt into a huge wound on his back. there are twelve songs, each between two four minutes. i am so excited. the music inside is exactly what the cover says it will sound like. blast beats, a guy that sings like a monster, and guitarists that LOVE guitars. breakdowns, too. see, stuff like this has some solid moments (the conformist), but overall just sounds tremendously silly to those of us who are not 'in'. it's tough, though, because with albums like this, it's more about the little things than the band or the album as a whole. see, i'd never follow this band, per say, but i'd be sure it was in my collection to come on at random points in time. i ended up keeping four tracks in all.

(solid state records || myspace)
once you take out the cd from its place, they label themselves "blue collar metal." aaaaight. the singer has a real good scream, but the guitars are, yes, a little too metal for me. the blue collar is fine, i can deal with that. but the rest of this album. WACK CITY, USA!

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