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Happy New Year! Best of 2007

Posted by Pat

So Happy New Year to everyone, in lass then 3 hours 2007 will come to an end, and 2008 will start. So to leave you guys off, I have a short list of what I think are the best 5 albums of 2007, and well 5 honorable mentions.

Best Albums of 2007

Every Time I DieThe Big Dirty
Does this band ever get old? Seriously, this album was near perfection. It wasn’t as different as Hot Damn! was to Last Night In Town, or as Gutter Phenomenon was to Hot Damn! But instead it perfected the band’s sound.

SoldiersEnd Of Days
The This Is Hell side project dropped Eulogy for Trustkill earlier in the year and finally had the support needed to get this album out. Hard, fast and in your face Soldiers brought hardcore back to the basics and reminded us how we stomp some faces.

The Pax CeciliaBlessed Are The Bonds
Since this album is free, there is no reason why would shouldn’t have it. A mix of metalcore and classical, Blessed Are The Bonds breaks the cookie-cutter model that has become metalcore.

ThursdayKill The House Lights
The new material on this disk is fucking killer, and anyone who has been a fan of Thursday can appreciate the documentary as well as the new tracks, which are as good if not better then most of Full Collapse.

Wu Tang Clan8 Diagrams
It’s new Wu Tang Clan, enough said.

Honerable mentions:

Modern Life Is WarMidnight In America
From Autumn To Ashes Holding A Wolf By The Ears
Nine Inch NailsYear Zero
Sage FrancisHuman Death Dance
Say Anything In Defense Of The Genre

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Merry Xmas 2007

Posted by Rahul

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope y'all have a good holiday and play it safe.

Cheers to bringing in a new year with some good music and movies.

But first, who is gonna rock Alien vs. Predator: Requiem today? HELL YEAH!

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He Returns, Too

Posted by Brian


If you're a gamer, the development story behind Duke Nukem Forever is downright legendary. Rating somewhere between "mythical" and "running joke", the game has been delayed possibly longer than any other video game throughout the history of videogames.

Exaggerated? Let me just say this: Duke Nukem Forever was officially announced way back in April. OF NINETEEN NINETY SEVEN. That's right, word first hit that Duke Nukem 3D was receiving a sequel on 4/28/97, roughly ten years and eight months ago. To give you some perspective on that, in 1997 Bill Clinton was in office, Nintendo 64 had just been released and the coolest shootout ever went down.

If you want to understand how a delay that long can happen, check Wikipedia for a little history.

And if you have time and want to see the recently released teaser trailer, do that too.

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He Returns

Posted by Brian

Dark Knight Poster An introduction isn't needed for this.

Trailer - The Dark Knight

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Posted by Brian

please excuse this addiTion to YouR pile of email.

ThIs is not stricTly junk.

is a quick notE to Let YoU know thAT there will be shorttlY be a bunch of rmxs
of some of the songs from the ERAser album made available to download from boomkat.com.

on the 17th of Dec a BURIAL rmx of anditrainedallNight
a ModeSeleKtOR rmx of skipdivideD
& a VAriouS rmx of aNaLYse

on the 18th of Dec a FoURtet rmx of AtoMS for PEace
& two Christian Vogel rmxs of 'Black sWAn'

on the 19th of Dec the SuRGEon rmx of the CLock
a rmx of HarrOWdown HiLL by THE buG
& a rmx of Cymbal RUsh by The FIEld

that's it. apoloGIes for the disturbanCE. check themm out if you get amoment.

i Hope yours is a pEaceful CHRistmas.


thom yorke.

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Posted by Rahul


 Just go.

  You can thank me later.

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Posted by Pat

There was a post on absolutepunk.net not too long ago linking to an article about how indie bands and labels are starting to press vinyl over cds. A sort of "new" business model, a vinyl and digital download in one package. The best of both worlds so to speak. Saddle Creek does this with their albums, or at least they did when I bought Cursive's "Happy Hallow." It's a pretty sweet package.

And lots bands still release vinyl. This Is Hell just released 2 7"s and Soldiers had a Vinyl release show on November 30th. Thought these don't contain digital download codes, they are avaliable in digital format as well. And since the price of vinyl is pretty cheap, it shouldn't kill you to get both. Radiohead's new album comes on vinyl in the boxed set, and last month U2 re-released "The Joshua Tree" on vinyl. Just to name a few of the recent vinyl releases.

Then I read this post over at wired.com about a new vinyl/CD hybrid. The top of the disk plays on a turn table and the bottom part plays in a CD player or computer. The vinyl portion is enough for one track. Not bad perk if you buy both vinyl and CDs.

Reading both of these articles, got me digging into my vinyl collection. And thats when i asked myself did vinyl ever die? I mean I have releases from The Back-Up Plan, The Blood Brothers, Poison The Well, This Is Hell, and many others. And though few stores stock vinyl, with internet you can find anything. Between ebay, amazon, and labels there are very few albums you can't find. I really think vinyl is here to stay until we can get the same quality out of digital releases.

What about you guys? Does anyone buy and listen to vinyl regularly? Do you think it is just a fad? Or do you think it's as dead as disco and the eight-track?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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The Terminator Fandom Roller Coaster

Posted by Brian


A few years back, I think a lot of us walked out of Terminator 3 pretty much the same way: we had all just seen a movie that was kind of, sort of okay, but just didn't match up to the potential of what we know it could be. The first two movies had done a pretty good job of reinventing the action movie genre, twice, but this one had just given us more of the same except with Nick Stahl and Claire Daines. Pretending to act.

There was one thing in the back of our minds, though, and I think we all know what I'm talking about: the set-up was complete for a full-length, humans versus machines war movie like the first five minutes have always hinted at. So while the third one was so-so, there was hope for the next one when it was finally announced.

Then, they said Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn't be in it. Then they said McG was directing it. All hope was pretty much lost at that point, with nothing recognizable left to the franchise and sub-par talent taking over. Why even bother? It would take a miracle to resume interest in something like that.

Bale to segue from "Dark Knight" to "Terminator" - Yahoo! News

Oh. Oh, wow. But the plot though, what about that? Please don't go and fu-

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (2009) - Plot summary

You win this time.

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