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Way Too Young

Posted by Pat

So i know I'll catch some shit for this, but fuck it.

Yesterday it was announced that Casey Calvert of Hawthorne Heights died. And well, I know a lot of us weren't fans of the band, I still felt the need to mention it here. It's sad to see someone at that age lose their life, especially someone in the music community.

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Posted by Brian

A Happy Thanksgiving to all who read and write Wrankmusic. And keep in mind that it's Thanksgiving, not "Turkey Day". Keep your cute-stick away from my holidays, goddamnit. Now go get some delicious.

Courtesy of Radar Magazine, here's 50 things not to say at the Thanksgiving table.

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Knowledge Drop

Posted by Rahul

Hello hello.

Couple of things real quick:

1) OnceOver has been working on a new album. I keep telling you guys how good they are. They lost their singer, but now their drummer is taking over that roll and I honestly cannot wait for the next album to drop. They're such a sick band from Toledo, Ohio. Y'all really need to give 'em a chance. Click Here. to scope out their new video blog regarding the new album.

2) Nine Inch Nails, mastermind, Trent Reznor, wanted to have an official remix site with the nin.com domain up for all the fan-based remixes - an official place to find them all. Well, looks like Universal is being the ultra bitch it is and they've run into legal issues with it. Scope out what Mr. Reznor has to say over at nin.com. Also, don't forget that Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D comes out tomorrow. Pick that shit up, stat. It's on Amazon.com for $11.99 or you can download it off their DRM-free MP3 store.

3) The Deftones have posted some new in-studio pictures over at their blog here. I love the fact that they're still together.

4) The Dreaming look to be posting a release date soon for their debut album, Etched in Blood. I'm not sure if that's such a fitting title, but whatever. If you never read my posts (that's fine), but just know that they're led by frontman, Christopher Hall (ex-Stabbing Westward). You know that shit is gonna be good. Peep their MySpace for some tunes here.

Finally, Hitman comes out Wednesday. I'm so psyched for that. Who wants to go see it with me?

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the tablecloth routine.

Posted by .steve

i know this has happened to all of you at least once. you hear about a band, or someone tells you about a band, and you go to check them out, and for the first five seconds, you are already convinced that this will be one of those bands that you follow for a long, long time. but as soon as something small, something large, or even something inconsequential happens and changes the tone, it ruins EVERYTHING.

well, ladies and gentlemen, i give you, the iceman confessions.

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the skies of texas.

Posted by .steve



also, i have a bone to pick with you guys involving last sunday. i'm trying to pick my words carefully here. but i've got a lot to say.

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When There’s Something Strange

Posted by Brian

Big Screen, Main Screen

So the deal with Ghostbusters is this: it's one of the best movies ever made. We're not talking about comedies here, we're talking about movies. It's one of the best ever. In fact most of the people who run this site can't go an entire week without referencing it, that's how a part of us it is.

So psyched isn't the word for this, excited isn't the word for this. A new Ghostbusters game is in development, not only featuring the voices of the original cast but written by Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd themselves. And no matter what gamer you are you won't be left behind, it's hitting PS2, PS3, X360, Wii and PC sometime in the future.

Witness the proof:



**update: above is the first known screenshot**

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maybe i’m not trying to see you.

Posted by .steve

we never made it to jersey, because of some people who wanted to run from one place to another.
they were in the way.

this sunday, i will be heading into manhattan to the knitting factory to check out as cities burn and olympia. should be so official. i'm pumped. if you've got no plans, come through and say what's up.

for the local set, destiny or design is set to take this place over. check out their new track over here at their new myspacial home. "are you serious?" this is what i'm saying the entire time. i've had the opportunity to check out their new EP and it is ready to cement itself as the foundation this band is about to build themselves on. keep an eye open for shows, and more news from their corner.

also, the guys in trumpets finally dropped their new track, "gold and beige." do this.

mark wahlberg is set to play max payne.
life is good.

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Posted by Pat

Show Me Action has made the top two of the MTVu Woodie Awards. They will be heading to NYC on Thursday for the taping of the show, and we will find out that night if they have won.

I don't know how I forgot to put this on this site earlier, but congratulations for making it this far. Now bring home the wood!

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Saints And Sinners Day 2

Posted by Pat

So I just woke up. All I have to say is that for as nice as this hotel is, don't eat the room service. It's not bad, but damn you'll feel it later. Haha

The show starts at 2pm and A bunch of the guys from the site are coming down today so you should have coverage from them too. This is what my plan for the day is:



5:40-6:05 • ALEXISONFIRE


7:15-7:45 • NORMA JEAN


8:35-9:05 • THE BANNER

9:45-10:45 • GLASSJAW

I've seen From A Second Story Window, and From Autumn To Ashes so the over lapping set times should not be a problem. The earlier part of the day I'll just wonder around a check out a few of the other bands. Hopefully they will be a bit more interesting then yesterday. Check back later for an update.

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Posted by Rahul

Go and get this right now. It's free, or be supportive and pay the $5. I got the FLAC version, and the 320kbps MP3 version, so they got $10 from me. It's still less than a CD in a store. It's sick. The free version is 192kbps. All DRM-free. Very freggin' cool. They basically took what Radiohead did and improved upon it with artwork, and the liner notes inclusive.

Head to http://www.niggytardust.com right now and choose your poison.

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