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Posted by .steve

another new dillinger escape plan song is up, this time over on their purevolume site. the song, "horse hunter" is sounding outstanding. loving what they're doing a lot more this time around. that's the way it goes with these guys. drawing from so many influences, and having as much ecclecticity (?) as these guys do, you're bound to fall in love with one song, and completely despise the next. give this one a try.

The Chino has spoken over on mtv.com. to summarize, a new deftones album "can be expected" in fall 2008 (i'm guessing summer 2009) and an official team sleep record will happen in 2010, aside from those free EPs they're planning.

ferret music signed gwen stacy who sounds not too bad. nothing new, really. i can feel this.

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the last time anyone mattered.

Posted by .steve

I just beat this game after a full-on seven hour sit down with it. i had been playing it off and on for the past couple of weeks, since it came out. an overall experience of between fourteen and sixteen hours. and realistically, i think i only died about four or five times throughout the entire span of that time. because in most of the modern games in the zelda series i've played, it's less about the difficulty of the monsters that they'll throw at you, it's the perplexity of the puzzle-dungeons that you're creeping through. it never gets to the point where i have to consult the resident rubik's cube master, but it is trying enough to the point where i actually do have to put it down from time to time. as with most other things, it definitely helps to look at things with a fresh set of eyes hours or even days later. i did end up having to look at an online walk through once, and even the solution that was offered was simple enough, but i must have missed the dialogue box that told me how to do it. the storyline that you play through is engaging and for the casual DS owner, going through the campaign straight through, without doing any of the side quests or treasure hunting will be enough to warrant a purchase. but at the same time, for fans of a more robust type of journey, this game will also qualify. the full-on stylus game play was at about a 95%, with only certain canon shots (mostly sharp angles) in the ship, and a certain sword power up (entirely optional) playing a little bit on the wonky side. other than that, the one thing that i felt could really mess the game ended up being a clutch, intuitive addition. if you're on the iffy side here, find it used at a gamecrazy, fye, or a gamestop but i don't think the $35 price tag (tops) for a brand new copy should deter you. well worth it.

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for shame!

Posted by .steve

not much needs be said about the lack of communication amidst all of us within the music community on this island. this is the reason there IS no scene around here. the physical copy of the flyer is a thing only remembered by dinosaurs. myspace bulletins, invites, default photos, and comments are the new standing outside of venues passing out the product of your evenings spent at kinko's. the results are vividly clear.

but nothing has been more clear than my stay tonight at the nokia theater in manhattan, seeing every time i die and underoath alongside an [apparently] little known band by the name of poison the fucking well. this is the band that members of all of those bands were namedropping, chanting, finger pointing, and worshiping before they themselves had decided to pack it up into a van and start playing shitty shows in shitty local venues. yet in lieu of the pile-ons, and gang vocals that were to be put in place when jeff moreira (singer) held the microphone out to the crowd, all that he received in return was a bunch of glazed eyes, cocked heads, and slack jaws. it's at this point that my crew (realistically half a decade or MORE older than the average attendee tonight) all shared the same stunned/concerned look.

are you serious??

now, granted, i was definitely one of those kids who horded their musical tastes like pieces of treasure. when a new band came around that wasn't already signed, and spread out amongst the public ears, i wanted to cup that gem in my hands, and enjoy all of its private splendor all on my own. when i heard another person mention this band, i would get home to that cheating whore of a CD and flop it into a bin with the rest of the popular kids. for shame. and believe me, i would grill the person who had the nerve to speak the name of the band that i had found, that i had put the long-hard research into, had done the work to find their CD on interpunk or some such website, had gone to that warehouse show with 5 other kids, and had worn the button i'd bought from their sparse merch table.

but guys, a line is drawn somewhere. if you're an older brother or sister, it is your GODDAMNED DUTY to pass on the bands that you love to your younger siblings. let tommy or jane listen to your something to write home about, your frame & canvas, and in this instance, your tear from the red. then maybe they won't be so clueless when they're heading into hot topic, and you won't have that shitty car ride home after you made fun of their scary kids scaring kids record, and cute is what we aim for t-shirt.

and as far as the smaller bands that you're hording away, guys, spread the love a little bit. more exposure can only mean they'll be coming back around on tour more often. it means they'll have more money to make and release more records for us. and in the long run, it just means that they'll stay around as a band for longer. i mean, i know you get more cred if you listen to those bands who already have broken up, but i mean, let's face it, it's a little bit more heartbreaking each time another one goes down. trust me, i know.

but yes, poison the well brought their A game, and nailed the entire performance. but every time i die stole the carpet right out from under them, highlighting the damn night. unbelievable performance by these guys. both times i've seen them, they have made my year. greg puciato from the dillinger escape plan (read further down on this update for more on them) came out during kill the music as well which was a little added bonus. it's almost impossible for me to not wear a shit-eating grin from ear to ear every time i see them. and to tell you the truth, as much as i'm not into underoath, they did their thing real damn well and i was very impressed. it'd only be more enjoyable if i knew the words. props, props.

hot rod circuit's final show is on december 9th at the knitting factory. i just bought my ticket. please come out and wish these guys a fond farewell.

the dillinger escape plan have a new song up at the alternative press media site. it's alright. i wanted to love it. that solo kind of threw me off. the chaos (see: trumpets; see: piano) of it is definitely appealing but i don't think the song is much of a solid stand alone piece.

this is hell is dropping their new full length on february 19th. and their vinyl is dropping on 11/20.

a little new band for you all, going by the name of after the tragedy. there were times here within the same song, even, that i both loved and was bored of these guys, but i think that just means it needs to grow on me. check out their myspace, and give the first song a listen. skip the second one. the vocals are really what's going to make it or break it for you. music is pretty filthy.

and with that, i hand you over to my boy brian. keep reading down below.

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Spread The Fun Like a Bloodborne Pathogen

Posted by Brian

My question to you today is a simple one: Are you psyched to see I Am Legend?

If you are then my job is easy, as I only intend to make you more so. If you're not, or you don't know what movie I'm talking about, here's everything you need to know.

I Am Legend is a short-but-classic vampire book written in 1954 by Richard Matheson, a writer who Stephen King has cited as a major influence. In this short novel, a guy named Robert Neville becomes both an alcoholic and the last human survivor of a vampire apocalypse who, along with his dog, has to barricade himself in at night and hunt for food and supplies during the day. It's a great book, still holding up as one of the most unique takes on the vampire lore.

Cut to present day. On December 14th the movie adaptation of that book is releasing, directed by Francis Lawrence (who made the incredible Constantine) and starring Will Smith as Neville. There's even going to be an IMAX version. Here is trailer one and the just released trailer two, which should be new to most of you. And if you're a fan of the high-def, check out the fancy versions of both here.

If so inclined, one could also check out this animatic short film which tells a small part of the backstory leading up the vampocalypse. It's supposedly part four of a series, but I've only been able to dig up the one.

And if you need more, take a look at iamlegend.com for a bunch of cool stuff, including a downloadable daylight meter, a webcomic, and all the details on the videogame, a total conversion of sorts for Second Life.

If you check all that out and you're still not looking forward to the movie? Talk to me personally. I'll work on you.

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guard let down, bones.

Posted by .steve

new mars volta track, sir? i'd advise you to head over to this video over here.

as has been discussed on our forum, the free download/label-free aesthetic is spreading like some sort of generous plague. team sleep have joined the fray, now, stating that they will be releasing a bunch of free EPs over the course of the next year on their website.

the new band of horses record is pretty great. and while i haven't had a chance to let thrice's new index hit me straight through to the bone, what i can say is the production on the record is top-notch. outstanding.

the entire new saves the day record, under the boards is up for streaming on their myspace. for once, one of their albums sounds at least a little bit like the one before it.

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i can kill anything.

Posted by .steve

see this movie.

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Def Strings

Posted by Rahul

I was browsing around Amazon, and I usually go through what they recommend to me and knock off a bunch of things I'm not interested in. I come across this black CD with a pony and wings. "The String Quartet Tribute to Deftones"

I sampled the 30 second MP3 clips they made available and before I knew it, my credit card had been charged and the CD was on its way. I could've just as easily bought the DRM-free MP3 version but what's the fun in that? So, I've had the CD for a few days, and finally opened it.


The quality is excellent and the music sounds so sick. A must-have for fans and anyone that's into string music.

They do the following:

  1. Minerva
  2. RX Queen
  3. Engine No. 9
  4. Change (In the House of Flies)
  5. Dai the Flu
  6. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
  7. 7 Words
  8. Teething
  9. Knife Party
  10. Battle-Axe
  11. Passenger
  12. Mascara

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Ladies And Gentlemen…

Posted by Pat

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted something.

So I had a chance to check out the CD portion of the upcoming Thursday release "Kill The House Lights." And I must say, the new material on the disk is some of the best Thursday material I have ever heard, and without doubt the best since Full Collapse. The CD/DVD combo will contain a documentary as well as 45 minutes from last year's holiday show at the Starland Ballroom. The band said that unfortunately, 45 minutes of the show was all they could salvage from a crashed hard drive. Tomorrow I will be heading into NYC to screen the DVD, so I will let everyone know how it turned out. Also head over here to check out a new track from the CD.

I Am The Avalanche will be playing the Crazy Donkey again on October 24th, and they are bringing Set Your Goals with them. I expect a bunch of new material to be played, since they have been tracking demos for some new songs. I'll be there, so if anyone is planning to go say hello.

October 23rd Say Anything - In Defense Of the Genre will be released and October 30th Thursday - Kill The House Lights hits the streets. Merchdirect.net has both up for pre-order for $20 with a shirt, and the Say Anything bundle includes an autographed CD.

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Posted by Brian

The Eye

A few years ago, when Asian ghost films were ripping up the wood-paneling of the horror world, I walked into a Hollywood Video and on a whim bought a used VHS of something called “The Eye”. All I knew was that the box was strange, I had five bucks, and Asians know how to scare the fuck out of me. That night I watched it alone, and a few times considered turning it off and watching it during the day, when I’m not so suggestible.

It was good. It was creepy. I still remember shots of it like they happened to me.

Not long after that, and not surprisingly, it was optioned as an American remake. As with all source material I recommend checking out the original, as I’m sure the remake will have a hard time matching up to it. The trailer for that one, from 2002, can be found here:


After that you can watch the recently released trailer for the U.S. version, starring Jessica Alba. I wouldn’t count it out just yet. It definitely looks Americanized as can only be expected, but it still has potential as a good horror. As an additional point of interest, even if you’re not into seeing either iteration of the film I’d say check out both links. It makes an interesting comparison to see two different cultures taking on the same ghost story. The American:


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Just Another Nail In The Coffin

Posted by Pat

I have waited for quite some time now to hear this:

"Hello everyone. I've waited a LONG time to be able to make the following announcement: as of right now Nine Inch Nails is atotally free agent, free of any recording contract with any label. I have been under recording contracts for 18 years and have watched the business radically mutate from one thing to something inherently very different and it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a direct relationship with the audience as I see fit and appropriate. Look for some announcements in the near future regarding 2008. Exciting times, indeed."

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