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Posted by .steve

i love music and i hate music.
the way gordon ramsey loves food and hates food.

there's just so much that's been done already, and so much that i just don't need anymore. this is an old man talking.

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This Is Hell

Posted by Pat

Is anyone coming out for this tonight?


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Gotta Go Back in Time

Posted by Brian

Hey, you. I just have a couple of movie crumbs here for discussion and then I'll let you get back to punching that little girl.

Since it's exciting in a recalled-childhood-kind-of-way, and since you may not have watched the MTV VMA's (bless your heart), this is worth repeating. It's been confirmed that the official title of the next Indiana Jones movie to be released May 22, 2008 is

Crystal Skull Logo

I'm not much of an opening night kind of guy, but DAMN.

And in somewhat related news (see every movie he and Spielberg made together in the 80's), Robert Zemeckis' new CG epic "Beowulf" just got a new trailer and suddenly got much, much better looking. Before this I only mildly gave a rat's ass. Like, maybe a tiny newborn rat, still pink and hairless and with closed-up eyes like a balloon stretched over a marble. That rat's ass. But now this is another story. This one gave me some of the same feelings inside as when I first watched the 300 trailer. Which means that though Robert Zemeckis is much older now, he still fucking gets it. So pick your resolution and do this.


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It’s About Time

Posted by Pat

Now this is something that I can get excited about. Long Island's own This Is Hell is releasing a 7" EP on November 20th. Get stoked.


Speaking of Long Island bands, Brooklyn's I Am The Avalanche is heading into the studio in early October. But to hold you over, they have posted a b-side from their self-titled debut on the myspace.


Oh and the tracklist for the double album from Say Anything has been released; and it is 27 songs long. The album drops on October 23rd, and they will be playing the city with Hellogoodbye October 30th.


Does anyone remember The Premier? Well Soupy was one of the dudes in the band, and he is now in The Wonder Years. It is some good stuff, check them out over here.

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We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s yo birthday…

Posted by Pat

I must say, music lately has seemed stale. I mean the new Every Time I Die is amazing, and I'm still rocking the new Modern Life Is War album. But nothing really new has caught my ear.

I think it was a little over a month ago that Bomb The Music Industry! released their latest effort "Get Warmer" for free. I have been listening to it a lot, it is no "To Live Or Die In Long Island" but it is still good. If you are looking for something kind of different, and out of the ordinary; then this is a band to check out for sure. And if you kind of dig it, I would check out "To Live Or Die In Long Island."

And so from that I have read, 50 Cent is NOT retiring. If anyone missed it 50 said this on SOHH.com:
    "If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on Sept. 11, I'll no longer write music. I'll write music and work with my other artists, but I won't put out any more solo albums."And well, early reposts are showing that 50 Cent was outsold. So now 50 Cent has said this:
    "It was the label," 50 Cent said. "They're dropping the ball all over the place. I'll release my next album and then I'm a free agent."
I was really hoping that he would retire, but one more album isn't too bad is it? eh.

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the broken man.

Posted by .steve

a few things.

advent came out with a new song by the name of "i am" and you can hear that over at their myspace. it's garbage compared to the other stuff they put out over a year ago. this is ex-members of beloved, with the old drummer doing the full time frontman duties. straight up beatdown action over here. so if that's not your thing, steer clear.

rahul and i went to check out the misery signals and emmure show out at the donkey tonight. emmure's set went off flawlessly, but misery signals left a lot to be desired. it definitely had the ferocity thing down, but a lot of the small subtleties that make their songs masterpieces over a standard metalcore song were lost to the sound crew. oh well. i'm glad i got to say that i've seen them at least once live, but i'm not sure that i'd go see them again.

some bands to note, though, were sky eats airplane (here) who sounded intriguing live, but didn't quite get their message fully across in person, but sound a lot better with the sound laid down on record. they have a lot of ideas going on, and i think in order to sort it out, you really need that studio thing to rolodex it all out for you. the agony scene held it down as well. i've heard their name mentioned here and there, but never gave them a chance. and while i didn't expect a thing from them when they first came on the stage, they sold me by the end of their set. check their myspace out and see if they're anything you'd give the time of day.

i think the people who created a lot of the dances hardcore kids do nowadays were really just trying to act like monsters or creeps.

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I got yelled at.

Posted by Dave

Well, not really. But Rahul told me to write another post for Wrank. And since 1) I have nothing better to do, and 2) I'm all about the Wrank, here I am.

Do you guys like comics? Because if you don't, you probably listen to Limp Bizkit and get laid a hell of a lot more than any of the WrankMusic staff. But if you DO, congratulations friend. You've earned my respect. And if you like ZOMBIE stuff, I know this guy named Brian who wants to give you a very passionate kiss below the belt. But comics AND zombies? Craziness! That can't work... CAN IT? Yes, it can. A comic called The Walking Dead has turned the comic book industry upside-down, and I was psyched to see that IGN had an amazing interview with it's creator, Robert Kirkman, overHERE.

Um, yeah so did anyone buy the 50 Cent album or the Kanye West album yesterday? Obviously Kanye makes way more interesting music than 50, but 50 Cent said that if he sells less albums than Kanye that he would retire. WOW. Needless to say, everyone (including me) needs to go out and purchase the new Kanye West album. If not to enjoy his music, do it for the good of society.

And while you're there, drop the extra dough for Every Time I Die's new album "The Big Dirty." Because, let's face it; you're already on this site so you seem to be a fairly intelligent individual, but you're looking to boost your coolness by a few points. ETID can do that for you. This album is getting so much play in my car, I had to give it an HIV test this morning. It was pacing back and forth until the results came in. Poor album.

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Hit me baby one more time…

Posted by Pat

Damn, did anyone see britney?

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The Iron Man

Posted by Brian

Iron Man

The trailer for "Iron Man" is now viewable online and lookin' pretty fine. If you're not a nerd, I'll fill you in: this is the adaptation of the comic book about the yellow and red robo-rocket guy that no one ever reads. Honestly, no one reads it. But the movie is looking very interesting, directed by Jon Favreau and starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges, with cameos by Samuel L. Jackson and Hilary Swank. Footage of this movie was kept tight for a while but was a huge crowd-pleaser in any room lucky enough to be shown.

Click it.


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The Host

Posted by Brian

The Host

A few days ago some of us at wrankmusic had a movie night. Pretzels were eaten, caffeine drinks were drank, and korean monster movie "The Host" was watched. The conclusion: fart humor is still hilarious. And, if you're looking for your next favorite monster movie, this is it.

The same way "Batman Begins" was about as believable a comic book movie can be while still being fun, "The Host" does for monster movies. With very little explanation a monster is born, a sick one at that, and a chain of events goes into effect that terrorizes a korean town and forces a small family into action. The characters are funny though never parodies, and the effects are excellent though never feel fake. It just does everything right and creates a new, real kind of monster movie that pays respect to the genre's past yet simultaneously moves it forward.

Long story short, if you're in the mood to watch a movie and say "Siiiiick." you won't be wronged by this one. It's available to buy or rent on dvd. And just a note, if you watch it, change the setup from dubbed to subtitled. Dubbing still sucks.

For the trailer and some other media, check out the official site:


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