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Posted by Dave

If you're as uber-psyched as I am about Every Time I Die's newest masterpiece, "The Big Dirty" which comes out on 9/4, you'll also be as psyched as I was when I found out it's now available in it's entirety to listen to on their myspace.

Since I'm already here, lemme find some other shit to write about so looks remotely like I work at this. Um.
Do I need to remind any of you how amazing NJ's own Paulson is? Check out their music video for "Calling On You" on their myspace page HERE. The song is a new track which is off of their re-released version of "All At Once" on Doghouse Records. If you haven't heard this album yet, I know a guy named Barry who wants to do something atrocious to your grandmother... it involves jumper cables and cat urine. Seriously though, that album is brilliant.

In other news, I've been watching the first Heroes season since it became available to rent, and I'm absolutely impressed. Check it out if you haven't yet. Originally I was a Debbie Downer when it came to the show because I thought it was one of those many lame-ass LOST wannabe's. And while LOST is a masterpiece in and of itself, I didn't want to start supporting anything trying to mimic it's brilliance (which would be kind of like buying Avenged Sevenfold albums after discovering the brilliance of ETID) so originally I stayed away. But halfway through the first season, I can officially give Heroes the Dave "I Guess It's Good Enough To Kill Some Time With If Your Life Is A Quagmire Of Boredom And Broken Dreams" Award.

Another winner of that award is the Xbox 360 game Two Worlds. It doesn't even come close to the perfection that is Oblivion, but it's a fairly decent RPG title that I've already invested about 5 or 6 hours into. The first 10 minutes of the game almost had me convinced that it was going to be less fun than playing horseshoes in the rain, but thankfully it redeemed itself as I soldiered on through. If you're one of those types that need to validate their media interests by seeing a number between one and ten that another person labeled it with, I guess I'll have to give it a 7 out of 10. Not exactly girlfriend-dumping material, but definitely not dumping-on-your-girlfriend material either.

Peace out, cancer patients.

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Back In The Pit

Posted by Pat

Damn, it has been a long time since I heard something with breakdowns that didn't sound like shit. Pete from Sown In Tears gave me a heads up about some new songs that they just posted over on the myspace. I'm feeling this a lot, so check them out. And check them out September 4th @ The Crazy Donkey with My Children My Bride. I saw them a while back live, and they really are sick, and know how to give a good show, without loosing their sound.

Oh and the guys over at Bringing Back Long Island Booking said that you should come to this:


Edit: I just heard about Luny Tunes burning down. That is some sad stuff right there. That place definitely had a lot of great moment. From what I heard "We Will Rebuild' is spray painted on the boarded up windows. I sure hope so, because they really are one of the only record stores on LI that not only carry a good selection, but also host in store performances. Man, hearing that really bummed me out.

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This Sunday

Posted by Rahul


Mercurial Banner
I'm pretty sure I'm going. Who's in?

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a new hope.

Posted by .steve

ahh, i've been around. quit your bellyachin'. i'm dealing with distance crisis and personality disorder and image psychoses. even webmasters are pieces of shit.

as far as music goes, i've been listening to as cities burn constantly and religiously. both the new and old albums. i'd say start with son, i loved you at your darkest, then move on to come now sleep, but either one will suffice. these guys are brilliant.

for anyone who is not following the comments on this website, let me bring it to the forefront. the new idiot pilot album, wolves is amazing. it took exactly one listen to know this. every other spin has just been confirmation.

emanuel's new album comes out tomorrow. it streams in its entirety from their myspace. think about buying it, won't you? horse the band comes out tomorrow, too, but that's more of a check it out in your friend's car first thing. i've liked pieces of them, but never the full body.

bioshock (a video game, not a band) is an outstanding, front loaded game.

i've been talking about destiny or design for a damn long time. since they were made of up a different singer/guitarist and were calling themselves a different name. well, what can i say, they're still doing their thing, and i am still psyched for their new release that they're putting together with bryan russell. they put together a music video for one of their tracks recently. it's pretty tight. more than a lot of other bands who have not yet broke have put together. peep it!

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Posted by Dave

That's right, geeks.

The AVP2 trailer was just released, and I just watched it multiple times. I'm so excited, the President just called me personally to tell me to calm the fuck down.
I was gonna insert an image into this post, but since I'm lazy and I don't exactly know how to do that, all you get is words.
From what I see, it's on Earth this time around. We get to see the Predators in the forest (like the first flick) hunting humans and aliens, and from what I can make out it looks like this movie will also be starring a goddamn PREDALIEN.

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It’s The End of The World as We…finish lyric.

Posted by Brian

As far as subject matter goes you can't go wrong with anything that deals with the apocalypse. On any scale, big, small, it makes for great art and vivid imagery. Zombies, alien attacks, survivalism. We love them all equally, like children, at this site.

As luck would have it, two new film trailers have surfaced both dealing in different ways with exactly that.

The first is called Right At Your Door, starring Rory Cochrane who you may know from either Empire Records or A Scanner Darkly. The people who made that last one are responsible for this one, a movie about paranoia at a time when bombs are going off in a potential chemical warfare scenario in the midst of Los Angeles. It looks like a good concept, I just don't know if we're going to like or dislike the main character based on his actions. Check the trailer here:


The next is a film called The Signal. Details are sketchy, but this one appears to be a mixture of 28 Weeks Later and the novel "The Cell" by Stephen King. In it, a strange transmission is turning everyone exposed to it into brutal killers. The trailer doesn't show much, just enough to promise a fucked up couple of hours. Eyes:


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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Beta

Posted by Pat


Monday 12pm you can join the multiplayer beta for Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Head over to charlieoscardelta.com to sign up for your download token. This installment of the Call Of Duty series have decided not to play it safe with another WWII era game, but to bring it up to more modern times by focusing on conflict in Russia . It is looking like really good game, and the change of story/setting is a breath of fresh air.

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Posted by Pat

hoto borrowed from joystiq.com


All I have to say is that everyone NEEDS to play this game. It came out this Tuesday, so you can find it in stores now. There is a PC version as well, and demos for both are available to download. Defiantly Check this game out.

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Fuck The Sex Pistols

Posted by Pat

So I went to my mailbox today and to my surprise was the new Modern Life Is War album, "Midnight In America." God damn this is a good album.

If you have not picked this up yet, then I would suggest picking it up tomorrow when it drops. Or go to their website and see if you can get the pre-order bundle still. $18 for a shirt, CD, and 7". You won't be disappointe, it really is a great album.

I Am The Avalanche played with The Sleeping this past Thursday night. Unfortunatly I was not able to stay for the whole show, but I do have pictures that I shot for I Am The Avalanche. As soon as I have them uploaded I will post them.

One final thing, if there is anyone who is interested in starting a record label, or just want to laugh at all the shit that it takes to really run a label, you should check this blog out "White Magic Words" It is written by Dave Conway of Doghouse Records, and is fuuny and insitful.

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All y’all haters step off.

Posted by Dave

What the deal, fellow Wrank devotees.

Just a couple of tidbits I feel the need to inform you of; the first is a new website called FILMDRUNK.COM. It's the sister site to one of the best sites on the net right now, WWTDD.COM (What Would Tyler Durden Do) which basically tears celebs and their paparazzi pics apart. It's like a much funnier Perez Hilton and it's perfect for guys who don't give a shit like us.

Anyway, FILMDRUNK.COM is a movie news site with the same attitude, with the same layout, run by the same dudes. It's like a funnier Ain't It Cool News. So check it out.

And if you give a shit, supposedly Stephen Colbert and Richard Branson get into a real-deal fight on Wednesday's episode of the Colbert Report. Branson is the gatrillionaire behind the "Virgin younameit"company. Apparently they weren't joking and started chucking water at each other and stuff. I dunno. I'm a loser so I'm going to watch it.

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